How A Peabody Chiropractor Can Alleviate Sciatica NaturallyHow A Peabody Chiropractor Can Alleviate Sciatica Naturally

You Have Sciatica, Now What, Surgery?

Did the doctor tell you, "Your pain is from sciatica?" Now you know why it is so painful to walk, stand, sit, or lay. With all of these options gone there is not much for you to do except weather the pain because no matter what position you take you are in a lot of pain. However, you still do not know what sciatica is or how you got in this situation.

Given your limitations the only thing you feel you can do is, grit your teeth and bear the pain. No person, including you, should have to endure painful conditions such as sciatica. There are noninvasive options that you need to consider as soon as possible. Pain decreases your quality of life in every area, from home to work.


Just about all of the American populace have complaints of lower back pain at some point in life. Sciatica pain is so common it is unreal.

When pain develops in the leg, this usually stems from a pinched nerve in the lower back. Not everyone who has lower back pain produces sciatica. If you have this awful pain, you are one of the unfortunate ones, and you need to take care of this as soon as possible.

Your central nervous systems run through the middle of the spine. When the vertebra becomes compressed due to any number of reasons this disc put pressure on the nerves. You may hear the doctor say, "You have a pinched nerve in your back."

The sciatic nerve runs a route from your buttock down each leg to the foot. You may feel that you can tolerate the back pain, but the sciatica pain is unbearable. It is not likely both legs are affected with sciatica pain, it is usually one leg. This type of pain is similar to the worst toothache; you can experience.

Sciatic pain is frequently due to a herniated disc putting pressure on the nerve endings in your spine. Count yourself fortunate if this pain clears in about two months on its own. Some experience this pain at intervals all their life, unnecessarily.

Traditional Medical Options versus Alternative Medical Help

Traditional medicine would recommend you have surgery for your herniated disc. A skilled chiropractor gives you non-surgical options to help remedy your herniated disc, thus relieving sciatica. Some patients see relief from chiropractic care, but not entirely and the chiropractor must refer them to a doctor who has to do a surgical procedure to alleviate the pain.

Chiropractic services offer an abundance of alternative options to rid you of this dreadful pain. These options are noninvasive and proven successful for thousands of people. In the last few years, more traditional medical doctors are referring their patients to a chiropractor for noninvasive options to see if they get relief from sciatica pain, using surgery as a last resort.

Some options the chiropractor may recommend and offer are as follows.

• Acupuncture

• Yoga and definitive exercise focused on the nerve in the leg

• Massage therapy

• Natural herbal topical preparations

• Ice packs

• Heat compresses

• Spinal adjustments

• Physical therapy and individualized exercise plans

• Surgical intervention as last resort

• Tens Units

*Over the counter medications does not alleviate sciatic pain

If you suffer from sciatica pain, the chances are as right for you like the thousands of other patients who experience pain relief by visiting a skilled chiropractor.

by Rhegie Taylor
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