How To Estimate Paintless Dent Repair CostsHow To Estimate Paintless Dent Repair Costs

When a car is damaged, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of paintless dent repair, especially when the number of dents is high or the damage is particularly complex. Paintless dent repair professionals might be inclined to overestimate the cost, while insurance providers might underestimate it...or at least that's what might appear to happen from the others' perspective. Fortunately, there are a few steps to take to make a reasonable estimate of the actual costs involved.

First, clean the car. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's an important step in making sure every dent is visible and that nothing is hidden under a layer of dirt.

Second, be sure to use PDR lighting when completing the estimation. This is the same type of lighting that should be used when completing the actual repair work, and makes a huge difference when providing an accurate estimation of costs.

Next, be sure to use a PDR matrix when calculating dent sizes. A PDR matrix breaks the vehicle down into sections, and calculates dent size using US coins as a comparison. Use the matrix to keep track of the size and number of dents in each section of the car. If the matrix is properly used, the total cost estimate should be relatively easy to calculate, and best of all, everything will be recorded so there's no disputes later.

Use standard time when calculating R&I. Note which components and trims might need to be removed, and how the dents and damage will be accessed. Be thorough, and don't overlook anything. Finally, note any upcharges, whether they be from special materials, double panels, large roof repair, or something else all together.

While these steps may seem complex, if they're considered during the estimation, you'll have an accurate, recorded estimate of all paintless dent repair costs. Not only will this save time and headaches later, it'll also ensure accurate repairs and a happy, satisfied customer to boot.

We all once had the unpleasant surprise of discovering a dent on the body of our car, caused by a blow door, a balloon, a storm or hail. Fortunately, there is a solution to fix these dents or dings. There's some company that offers much cheaper rates than those for traditional body work to the point that repairs often have a lower cost than our insurance franchise.

But price is not the only benefit of paintless dent removal. Indeed, the technique does not use chemicals or paint, and therefore creates no visual damage to your vehicle, restoring its original appearance. There is no additional risk of flaking paint or rust, so your car retains its value. It is an ideal solution if you need to return a rental vehicle.

Paintless dent repair require meticulous work and one to two hours are required only to permanently dismiss a 4-inch dent in diameter.

Furthermore, the work done is guaranteed as long as you own your vehicle. Only an identical impact could make reappear the dent or ding.

by Jean Michel Granger
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Jean-Michel Granger started in paintless dent removal profession in 1997. He received top-notch training from an experienced technician. He have done jobs in France and in Alberta and Quebec, Canada. He's certified as a Master Craftsman-1 by Vale Training Solutions, a paintless dent removal leader in North America. Visit the website of his paintless dent repair company.
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