4 Hydrotherapeutic Features Of Walk In Tubs4 Hydrotherapeutic Features Of Walk In Tubs

Ranging from soaking to more complex uses of hydrotherapy, the walk-in tub brings all the state-of-the-art advancements made in hydrotherapeutic technology and houses them all in one place.

Models range between standard soakers and feature-heavy units that meet all your therapeutic needs.


When immersed in water, the body's weight is reduced by 90% because of the water's buoyant liquid properties, and most of the gravitational force the body was subject to is made negligible. This helps seniors overcome the limitations put on their range of motion or make them more manageable.

Another extremely powerful therapeutic benefit is the warm water's ability to dilate the blood vessels and make more leeway for the blood to pass which, in turn, gives the heart a healthy light exercise and delivers healing agents faster to those parts of the body that need it most.

Soaking is a natural base feature for all walk-in tubs and doesn't need to come with additional extras for it to be therapeutically effective.

Legs Only Massage System

Among all diabetic patients, between 60% and 70% of them are diagnosed with neuropathic symptoms in their feet. This loss of sensation is the cause of ulcers, scars, and bruises that can go unnoticed by the patient if they don't check their feet for problems daily.

Luckily, walk-in tubs do include a massager and soaker for legs alone. Depending on the model, it works by filling the tub up to the knees or ankles with water. The system knows when to stop filling and start massaging. Diabetics are particularly vulnerable to dehydration if they soak for a period longer than 20 - 30 minutes, so it's important to remember to leave the tub when the clock approaches those limits. When done right, diabetic seniors just need to sit back and let the warm water increase the blood flow to those bruised areas of the feet to accelerate their healing.

Whirlpool System

At an additional cost, a walk-in tub can include a whirlpool system for a deep and thorough massaging experience. A simple push of the button and the water jets will start producing enough propelling power to reduce tension in the muscles and joints.

Air Massage System

Typically - but not always - the whirlpool feature will come with an air massager as well. Surrounding the basin of air massage models are miniature air jets capable of producing millions of tiny bubbles that make for a softer and more soothing massaging experience. Where the whirlpool massage system works to relieve the tension waning on particular muscle groups and joints, the bubbles work to detoxify the skin pores from dangerous microorganisms.

For more information, visit sites like SeniorTubs.com.

A Brief Rundown of Walk-In Tubs' Therapeutic Benefits

Better blood circulation

A healthier heart

Faster healing of bruises and pain, in general

Better metabolism and eating habit

Cleaner, healthier and younger looking skin

All your hydrotherapy needs can be met with the modern walk-in tub designs currently being released.

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