Best Natural Ways To Treat A Cold & CoughBest Natural Ways To Treat A Cold & Cough

Do you have a cold, hoarseness, sore throat and chesty cough? Well, check out the best natural ways!

There are more than 200 airborne viruses that can cause colds and coughs. Most of them persist in your body for seven to 10 days and make you feel bad. And if you catch another virus, your problems get worse. Nevertheless, it is recommended to see a GP if your cold and cough last for more than two weeks.

Meanwhile, you can implement a few natural remedies that provide relief from cold and cough. Herbal remedies containing Vitamin C and Echinacea are found to be extremely effective in treating cold, sore throat, hoarseness and chesty cough. Find out the natural ways for cough and cold treatment:

Protect your nose – Most airborne viruses invade your respiratory tract through the nose. Airborne droplets can spread through cough and sneeze. They easily enter the nasal passages, causing cold and cough. The nose is the first line of defense, and if gets affected by germs, you are more likely to experience allergic reactions and cold. So, make sure you stay away from crowded places and wear a protective mask over the nose.

Strengthen your immune system – You can improve your immune system by foods that are rich in antioxidants. Healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables can cut down the risk of viral infections. Avoid junk and fatty foods; more importantly, limit your sugar intake. These stuffs can promote inflammation, increasing your chances of catching cold and flu. So, improve your immune system in order to prevent colds and cough.

Exercise – Studies have found that regular exercise helps protect one against colds and coughs, perhaps by boosting the immunity. Daily aerobic or cardiovascular exercises for 20 to 30 minutes improve overall fitness, which is enough to avert colds.

Get plenty of rest – Inadequate sleep or sleep deprivation increases the risk of catching viral infections. Sleeping is a process in which your body undergoes repair and regeneration. This helps boost your immune power, thereby protecting you from infections. You should get at least eight hours of sleep daily.

If you fail to experience any improvement even after following the above-mentioned tips, check with your GP right away. Your doctor will prescribe you cough and cold treatment.
by Oliver Williams
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Hi, I’m Oliver Williams. I’ve a keen interest in health and wellbeing, medicine, alternative medicine and fitness. I love writing & sharing useful information about healthcare that helps improve lives. You can get your cough and cold treatment from PharmacyOutlet.
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