Five Best Ways To Hunt For A JobFive Best Ways To Hunt For A Job

Listed below in order of importance:

Ask for job leads from your family, friends, people in your community, staff at job centers especially at your local community collage or the collage or school where you graduated form.

Ask them one simple question: do you know any jobs at the place you work or do you know of any other place hiring? Searching for a job using this method has a 33% success rate, which means out of every 100 people using this method, 33 will find a job and 67 out of 100 people will not find the jobs that are out there if they use only this method to search for a job. This is one of the five best ways to look for a job, but this method is not fool proof.

Knocking on the door of any employer, factory, or office that interests you, whether they are know to have a vacancy or not.

this method has a 47% success rate, which means out of every 100 people who use this method, 47 will find a job and 53 will not, this is given that only this search method is used. This is one of the five best ways to look for a job, but again this method is not fool proof. remember no one method will wok for every one every time no matter what the odds.

Using the Yellow pages to identify subjects and fields of interest to you in the town or city that you live in or would like to work in, and then calling up employers listed in that field, to ask if they hiring for the type of position you can do, and do well.

Using this method has a 69% success rate, which means out of every 100 job hunters, 69 will find a job and 31 job hunters out of 100 will not find the jobs that are out there if they only use this method of finding a job.

Do the same thing mentioned above, but now do this in a group. In a group with other job-hunters using the Yellow pages cold call employers in your town or city and then ask them if they are hiring.

Using this method you will have a 84% success rate. That is out of every 100 people 84 people will get the job, leaving 16 job hunters out of hundred who will not find a job. Again this is one of the five best ways to find a job but is not a fool proof method.

Doing a life changing job hunt ( basically means changing you career, or deciding to work for your self)

This method has a 86% success rate. That is out of every 100 job-hunters 86 will find a job or a new career. This method's success rate is 12 times higher than the success rate for resumes. But remember no method is fool proof and a job hunter should use a mix off all these methods to increase his or her chances

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by Manik Thapar
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Manik Thapar (MBA)

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