Best Ideas & Tips To Keep Your Lawn And Garden Free Of WeedsBest Ideas & Tips To Keep Your Lawn And Garden Free Of Weeds

You're thinking of throwing a party over the weekend and while looking over your property, notice your garden could do with some urgent de-weeding. A few weeds here and there will go unnoticed but a lot of it will mar the beauty of your lawn. Here are a few best ideas and tips to keep your lawn and garden free of weeds.

Tip # 1 to keep lawn free of weeds: Apply Weed-suppressing mulch

Weed suppressing mulch should be applied to the ground prior to seeding the soil for the lawn.

All garden nurseries in Australia stock weed-suppressing mulch. Some brands come mixed with chemical fertiliser and anti-weed agents while others have natural, bio-friendly ingredients. But remember, if you already have a fully grown lawn; do not apply weed-suppressing mulch as it will also kill the grass. Along the same lines as, you could use a contact weedkiller (prior to sowing).

Tip # 2 manual de-weeding
You can either catch the weed by its main stock or pull it out gently but firmly (so as not to break the plant and leave the roots in the soil). Removing the weed along with the root is vital. To accomplish this, some folks prefer to use a fork (or Lawn Care Businesses For Sale de-weeding available at the local green nursery).

Gently push the fork (or whatever tool you are using), about an inch-and-a-half into the soil roughly a centimetre away from base of the weed.  Then press your hand downwards so the fork (or tool) lifts out the weed along with the root.

Tip # 3 Home Remedies - Salt and Vinegar
If you are the Earth-friendly type and hate to use chemicals, then this remedy is for you. Salt and Vinegar makes an excellent weed killer. Just combine one cup of salt (table salt will do), with 2 cups of Vinegar, stir the mixture well and then pour it directly on weeds.

The acidity in the vinegar helps eliminate the weeds. You can also directly spray white vinegar or apple-cider vinegar on the weed stems, leaves and weed flowers.

Tip # 4 Home Remedies – Vodka and soap
If you have some poor quality Vodka in the house, combine 1 ounce of vodka with 2 cups of water and add a few drops of liquid dish-washing soap. Put the mixture into a spray bottle.  The Vodka dissolves the waxy coating on their leaves.  Once the coating is gone, the weed dehydrates and dies. Best time to apply this home-made Gardening Franchise Opportunities For Sale for killing remedy is, in the afternoon.

by Phil Maunder
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Philip purchased a Jim’s Mowing franchise in Melbourne in 1989, before purchasing the Regional Franchise for South Australia in 1990, becoming the first ever Regional Franchisor in the Jim’s Group.

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