Exterior Home Painting: Follow The Rules; Avoid A DisasterExterior Home Painting: Follow The Rules; Avoid A Disaster

After hours of toiling in the sun and multiple coats of paint, a home becomes beautiful. A freshly painted home is a pride of the homeowner. It feels good to have a neat and clean home with bright colors. But, not every exterior home painting project turns out to be a successful masterpiece. If you do not pay attention to choosing the right colors and finding the most experienced painter, the end can be disastrous.

Painting a home is a responsible task. Even though you can start afresh after a mistake, it can take a toll on your budget. Also, it can increase the time period of the project. When you want to give a fresh new color to the exterior of your home, consider the rules of 3 C’s. Follow the rules and you will witness a successful exterior home painting project.

Rules to make an Exterior Home Painting Project a Success

Few people believe that life is too short to follow the rules. But, if you want the painting results to be beautiful and long-lasting, you have to follow the 3 golden rules of home painting.

C = Be Considerate

It is your home and you have spent on your life-savings on it. It is true that you can paint your home in any way you seem fit. But, living in a community, you have to consider the beauty of the entire neighborhood. Choose color combinations that blend with other houses on the block. Do not choose shiny exterior colors that can increase glare. If the other houses have subtle exterior colors, chose a color that matches them and doesn’t stand out as an eyesore. Also, do not repeat the look of another home down the block.

C = Climate Parameters

You can choose any color that you like. If a bright color suits your personality, go for it. But, before making a final decision, consider the climate. If you live in a warm region, you can choose cool shades such as whites and blues to avoid absorption of sun light. If you live in a colder region, a bright color such as red and orange can help you to trap the sun light. Also, it will be a nice pop of color in a cold, windy state.

Climate changes also dictate the time of painting the exterior of any home. Humid climate makes it difficult for the paint to stick for a very long time. So, choose a cool day with no major variations in the temperature to paint your home.

C = The Choice of Colors

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, you do not have to choose a single color. Spend time in creating a combination of colors that you can use for siding, masonry, doors, windows, fences, patio, etc. A quick tip for choosing paint options: choose bright colors for the things that you want to emphasize such as the doors and the windows. And, blend the unsightly downspout or ordinary siding with the main exterior color. It will ensure that only the beautiful things catch attention of your guests.

Painting the exterior of your home requires help of an experienced painter. But, it doesn’t mean that a professional can fulfill your dream without your involvement. Do not let the painter make all the decisions. To have a successful exterior home painting project, make sure that you follow the rules of 3 C’s.

Painting the exterior of a home requires an experienced painter who will consider your needs and ensure that the end result is according to your requirements.

by Christine Delongte
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