Experiment With Dark Paint Colors To Make Your Home Feel AliveExperiment With Dark Paint Colors To Make Your Home Feel Alive

In the olden days, white was the predominant paint color of choice. Homeowners choose the light color to create illusion of space. It was a favorite because it gave a light airy feel to the room. However, things have changed today. People are not afraid to experiment with dark colors. They are ready to try bold and dramatic shades in their home.

Choose Dark Colors to create Magic Remember that nothing transforms a room quickly than a few cans of paint.You do not have to choose dull boring shades for your home. You can spice up the living room, add personality to the bedroom and create a fun atmosphere in the children’s room with the help of dark colors. If you want to create drama in a dull and sterile looking room, you must experiment with dark colors. You will have to make several decisions starting with the choice of the room. Which room do you wish to paint? Is it the living room where you will entertain guests? Or is it the private basement office of your home? Here’s how you can create a beautiful home with the help of bold and bright colors.

A Perfect Choice for a Large Room

If the room is big and you want to create a cozy atmosphere, then choose a bright shade for the room. It will make the room perfect for having conversations with friends and spending time with family. A large room can make your guests feel uninvited. So, it is best to choose bright shades of indigo, blue and browns to make an enormous room feel intimate.

Troubles of a Tiny Room

But, remember if the room is tiny, you should not paint it in one single shade of a dark color. It will make you feel claustrophobic. Instead, here are a few things that you can do for adding bright and bold colors in a small room:

1. Accent walls are a great way of adding color to a tiny room. If you use a single color for the entire room, it will make the room appear smaller than before. But, the use of an accent wall will provide a pop of color to the room without making it suffocating.

2. Add neutral shades such as black, grey and white to provide a break from the bright colors in the room. If you are choosing to paint the furniture in a bright green color, go for understated browns or whites to harmonize the color scheme.

3. If you want to paint the entire room in a dark shade, make sure that you accessorize the room with light colors. For example, if you want to paint the bathroom in a dark blue shade, you can go for light-colored vanity cabinets.

4. Also, make use of lighting fixtures to create a contrasting effect in the room.

Experimenting with a dark color in your home is a welcome change from the monotonous paint colors. It will make your home feel alive without you having to spend a fortune on an expensive home renovation project. If you consider choosing dark colors for your home a risky project, do hire an experienced painter to help you out. Take advice from color consultants and decide a color scheme that suits your personality as well as adds personality to the room.

by Chris Dgate
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