Facial Hair - How It Affects MenFacial Hair - How It Affects Men

Facial hair is something that is present both in men and women. It develops during adolescence and the number of facial hair men has increased by a lot, while that of women does not as much. The hair starts growing due to the effects of male sex hormone named testosterone. It results in the formation of thick facial hair in men. It is not true that women do not have facial hair; they do, but they are petite and unnoticeable.

At the onset of puberty, the male body starts to produce testosterone in large number that results in the production of hair in different parts of the body. The most noticeable change comes when they develop a beard. Hair growth is especially noticeable in the case of men when they hit puberty and can bring about a lot of changes physically and psychologically. It is important that they know why these changes are occurring to let them cope with it easily.

Difference in facial hair development

It is seen that the development of facial hair is one of the last changes that can be seen on a boy while growing up. The usual age is said to be around fifteen to sixteen. But it can vary depending from person to person. This leads to some boys developing facial hair much earlier compared to the rest. The moustache starts to grow before the bread normally. So do not worry if you find yourself sporting whisker because now you know the beard is on its way.

It is also seen that the amount of facial hair developed by two individuals are never the same. Depending on their hormone production, and other related things, it changes from person to person. So, do not worry if you find your friends to have more or less facial hair compared to you. There is nothing wrong with you. It is all part of growing up.

The growth of facial hair is also affected by the genes. This does not really mean you are going to have the exact kind of beard that your dad has, but it means that there is a god chance for you to have a beard that is close to it. The beard pattern of a man is set during the late teens or the early 20s of the person.

How to remove facial hair

The most common method used by men to remove facial hair is by shaving. You do not necessarily have to start shaving as soon as the facial hair appears. And no, your beard would not get thicker according to the number of times you shave. The frequency depends on how you want your facial hair to look like. You can either use a razor blade or electric razor depending on how comfortable you are with it.


by Daisy Briggs
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Just remember that facial hair is something natural. Embrace it with both hands as it will let you groom yourself and make you more attractive with some of the styles you can pull off. So do not be afraid of the change and actually try to enjoy it.
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