Everything You Need To Know About MicrofibersEverything You Need To Know About Microfibers

Do you know what Microfiber is?

Microfibers are made out of polyamide and have a diameter of 1/100th of a human hair. Microfiber towels will be made using a blend of Polyamide and Polyester fibers. The softness of the towel will increase with more percentage of the polyamide and so the cost.

The best towel in the market will of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide. These towels are the safest on car paints and can be used for Quick detailing, wax buffing, water-less washing etc.

When your towel is wet, it works great on smudged dirt, grease and stains. The towel works best when you rinse it and the wring it out as it needs some absorbency to pick up grime.

Because microfiber is so absorbent, it is perfect on windows and surfaces that tend to streak. Since these towels can hold up to 7x their own weight in liquid, there is nothing left to streak the surface.  This also makes it better than paper towels when cleaning up spills.

Where you can use microfiber towels

  • Car interiors and exteriors
  • Dusting your home or office
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Wiping down kitchen counters

Microfiber towels are

  • Specifically Designed for the Auto Detailing Industry, But Plush Enough To Handle Any Dusting Job! 
  • Safe for All Automotive Finishes!
  • One Cloth - Two Different Cleaning Surfaces!
  • Fantastic for Dusting Interiors! 

All the latest cleaning products involve the term “microfiber”. Microfiber cleaning cloth, microfiber pads and microfiber towels are becoming increasingly more popular as they assist in making the cleaning process quick, effortless.

When you use a microfiber cloth there is no need to use any harsh chemicals. In conventional cleaning methods, you often find that these products are necessary to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Microfiber cloths and microfiber towels are more effective despite the fact that you don’t even need a single drop of detergent.

You might find it strange that using a microfiber towel or cloth requires no cleaning fluids to remove stubborn dirt and grime. In fact, you probably think that it is completely impossible.

The source of a microfiber cloth’s cleaning power lies within the tiny fibers. The more splits there are in the microfiber bundle, the better the product’s performance will be. When microfiber towels or cloths have a higher number of ‘bundle splits’, it will be much easier to clean surfaces with nooks and cracks. The increased number of splits also increases the absorbency of the product and allows it to easily trap dust particles, grime and dirt.


Caring for microfiber is pretty easy. Just follow the simple rules. Towels, dusters and mops made of microfiber can last hundreds of washings if you stay away from:

  • No Heat!
  • No Fabric Softeners!

Instructions for Washing Microfiber at Home

  1. Wash in warm or hot water with mild detergent
  2. No fabric softeners – they clog the open spaces in the microfiber, which make the fabric useless
  3. Be careful what you wash with your microfiber. Avoid anything made with cotton because the microfiber will grab on to the lint
  4. Ideally wash microfiber with only microfiber
  5. If you hand wash, wash in hot water with mild detergent and use a soft bristled brush if necessary – rinse thoroughly

Commercial Washing of Microfiber 

  • Detergent
  • High solvent for heavy soil
  • No Alkaline
  • Dose determined by product specification for poundage
  • No Bleach
  • No Fabric Softener

Drying Microfiber at Home

  • To ensure the longest lasting microfiber, air dry is best
  • Microfiber dries relatively quickly
  • If you use a dryer, set it on low heat or no heat

For maximum performance and longevity, follow these guidelines.


All Purpose Microfiber cloth is special for Body/Hub/Spoke or Exterior of the car. Multipurpose Microfibers mainly used for cleaning/wiping heavily soiled area, like hubs and spokes of wheels, Engine area and muddy painted surface.

Useful to save water by using it with mild shampoo/cleaner, the closed weave pattern gives a long lasting life to towel for all purpose cleaning.

For the interior, it also helps clean the dashboard, doors, console, seats, glass, steering wheel, trim and much more.

Key Benefits of All Purpose Microfiber

•          Traps More Dirt and Dust

•          Used Wet or Dry

•          Absorbs up to Seven Times its Weight

•          Non-Abrasive

•          Lint Free

•          Perfect for Any Surface

•          Non-Electrostatic

•          Easy Maintenance

•          Cleans with & without the use of Chemicals

•          Environmentally Friendly

by Neel Patel
References and Bibliography

If you have any questions or if you need any further information, please feel free to contact us.
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