Signs Your Transmission Needs ServicingSigns Your Transmission Needs Servicing

Your car is an integral part of your life. You use ITTO commute to and from work, to go shopping and run errands, and to engage in your social life around Taylorsville, UT. It is therefore critical that you stay up-to-date on car maintenance, particularly related to your transmission. Below are several signs that your car might need maintenance by a Taylorsville auto transmission service.

What Is a Transmission?

Foremost, to explain why transmissions are important, it is imperative to briefly describe what your transmission does in your car. Your car’s engine generates energy by combusting gasoline that then causes a mechanism inside of the motor to spin very quickly. The job of your transmission is to convert that spinning motion created by your engine into a form that can rotate the wheels of your car. As a driver, you operate your vehicle, in part, by directly utilizing the transmission. When you put your car into drive or change gears, you are modifying the way your transmission takes the spinning motion from your engine and subsequently moves your car.

When to Seek Service?

First, you should consider a Taylorsville auto transmission service if your car consistently makes any noises that is out of the ordinary. If these noises particularly occur when you switch gears, seek a Taylorsville transmission repair service immediately. These symptoms might manifest themselves as a grinding or clunking sound, where the gears of your car are physically in conflict with the transmission. In the worst case, your transmission might become mechanically stuck prohibiting you from getting into gear and using your car.

Second, the smell of your car is also important. If your car produces a burning smell, this indicates that your transmission might be overtaxed and in need of servicing. However, a temporary smell might not indicate that your transmission is failing. If, for instance, you drive your car up a steep road for an extended period you might momentarily notice a burning smell, which is not indicative of transmission failure. Only persistent smells should be relayed to a transmission service person, who will be able to tell you more definitively if your car needs maintenance.

Last, you should pay attention to the check engine light in your car. Even if you are not experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, there could still be a problem with your transmission. Modern cars are equipped with a computer under the hood that monitors the performance of its mechanics. It is quite possible that a symptomless transmission problem might arise. If your check engine light is on, take your car in for servicing as soon as possible.

Why Consider Service Today?


Given the importance of your car in your daily life, you must make plans to take provide it with proper maintenance. Car problems could lead to time off from work or time off from friends, neither of which many people can afford. Even if you only suspect that something is amiss with your car, consider taking it into a Taylorsville auto transmission service. Transmission and auto repair experts will be able to most effectively guarantee that you are always able to drive and use your car whenever you need it.
by Blaine Tanner
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