Meet Somnologists To Achieve Remedies For Sleep DisordersMeet Somnologists To Achieve Remedies For Sleep Disorders

Many people suffer from sleeping disorders and snoring. There are many reasons like stress, jetlag and health issues. This disorder can be overcome by medication.

Who are somnologists?

The doctor one who treats sleeping disorder is called Somnologists. They provide proper medication, alternative treatments for sleep and suggestions to solve the problems.

What is sleeping disorder?

It can be explained precisely as inability to drowse. Various kinds of disorders are

Insomnia- In this case it is very difficult fall or maintains the drowsiness.

Narcolepsy – In this scenario, people fall asleep in day time the unwanted nap time leads to many problems. In many classes narcolepsy accompanies with cataplexy which makes the muscles weak and fall down during the sleep.

Night terror- People awake abruptly with great terror.

Parasomnias- The people perform various activities during the sleep like walking, night terror, catathrenia and many.

Sleep apnea- In this kind the people suffer from airways blocked, face difficulty in breathing at least for 30 seconds .This kind of disturbance causes difficult to sleep continuously.

Somniphobia- It is fear of falling asleep and they experience panic attacks during the sleep.

This problem will not allow individual to sleep and suffer a lot during the night. The similar problem in opposite scenario. The other main problem which may not suffer them but it disturbs others slumber is, hope you people are wondering it is nothing but snoring which is familiar and experienced at least once in life time. This is really a big problem so let us know the reasons for snoring.

Snoring- Generally snoring occurs when the air can’t move through nose and throat then surrounding tissues vibrate and produces sound. The main cause is narrowing of throat leads to breathe restriction. Many reasons like reaching middle age narrows the throat,  obesity, sinus problems,  bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, this procedure and many leads to snoring. One can follow home remedies in the beginning to get rid of are drink plenty of water before going to the bed, clean the nose with saline, change the slumber position.

The effects are slumber is very danger in long run, because sound sleep is required for healthy body for pleasant day. The disorder leads to many side effects like obesity, increased stress, depression, memory loss, increases the risk of death, severe health issues, accidents, loses ability to think and learn new things.

All these inabilities appear to be insignificant at early stage but as time passes they will be complicated and pave way to other health issues. Condemn in early stage is easy and responds to treatment. The somnologists treat all kind’s slumbers issues and give sleepful life. 

by Dr. Prasad Manovikas
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Dr. S V Prasad Mono Vikas a leading psychiatrist in Hyderabad, He is offering best psychologist for sleeplessness center in hyderabad, alternative therapist, distant online healing specialist.
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