Learning English Language (How To Study English Language?)Learning English Language (How To Study English Language?)

The English language is an international language. In this age of the internet, it has become essential for everyone to understand the language. The problem is that everyone seems worried about the English language that how to learn it. I know a person who has been learning English for 6 years but He is still not satisfied with it. Most of English Language learners don't know what is effective work. I am one of them who did not know how to study English. I wasted my precious 5 years to find out that why we cannot Learn English. There are many reasons here but I am going to discuss major reasons in this article. There are main Components of English Language such as Vocabulary, English Grammar and Spoken English. Actually, We Don't Know when to learn Vocabulary and when English Grammar and so on.   

What Should I Learn at first?

Most of the Students seem to ask the same question that where to start learning the English Language. I would also ask the same question to many people but I did get the satisfied answer. After five years, I realized myself that first of all, we need words. without words, we have nothing to do with. why we need words because we will have to understand the terms (words) related to English grammar to understand it.    

English Vocabulary 

As I mentioned that We need words to learn the English Language. We even need words while we are learning English. Teachers use different words to explain the topic and we need words to understand that topic. At first, you need some basic vocabulary to understand your teacher. Most of the teacher says you need just 500 words for general spoken English but if you want to learn books, understand movies, news and so on, you need 4000 essential words to memorize.

Should I learn English Grammar?  

Yes, you must learn English Grammar because The English Grammar is Science of English Language. Without English Grammar, you cannot make a single sentence correct. Basic English Grammar is essential to understand English and you will have to learn intermediate English Grammar to be fluent in it.  

Spoken English    

having some commonly used words and knowledge in English Grammar, It is time to learn the art of Speaking English. yes, you need an English Speaking partner or an environment where people speak in English. practice is very important to be fluent.

by Sajid Hussain
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I am Sajid Hussain. I am an Online English Language Teacher. This is my complete English Langauge Course 
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