5 Must Have Items For Moving Day 5 Must Have Items For Moving Day

Moving day can be more than messy. Breaking, distortions, damage, delay in time, loss of patience are all by-products of the relocation process. Only those who have moved a few times are aware of the side-effects if the moving process goes wrong somewhere.

In fact, the unpredictability of the entire moving process kills us! No matter how well you are prepared, nothing can get you completely relaxed while the process of shifting is still in progress. The least you can do is be well prepared for the worst scenario that can arise. Here are the top five must-have items for the moving day:

  • Plastic baggies and trash bags

Though it might seem frivolous for now, but plastic baggies are of utmost importance at the time of packing and moving. It is usually a forgotten item on most of your lists. We often feel vital items are costly and valuable. But, plastic bags prove it is quite the contrary! They are the most simple and affordable piece of items yet are of certain major uses. They are massively used to keep pieces of hardware together, especially after furniture disassembly. You shall come across many screws, bolts, fasteners, etc. while disassembling your furniture. A single plastic baggie can make the process of disassembling much more convenient and systematic. You just need to use the black or a dark marker to indicate what the hardware belongs to and half your job is done. Thus, keep as many plastic baggies handy as possible.

Trash bags are useful in making the move a clean and tidy business. It is smart to have both basic trash bags and black heavy duty bags handy to help you tackle with excessive weight. Especially for your hanging clothes, you should prefer using simple trash bags rather than expensive and bulky wardrobe boxes that might add to your existing weight of your items.

  •  Tape Dispenser

Get a good tape dispenser, especially when you are performing the task of packing with the packing tape. You of ten have a tendency to give more stress on the packing tape. But, the simple fact is that, without a tape dispenser, you run at the inconvenience of taping your fingers together while packing. You might even get tired of getting the tape stuck to itself a million times even after trying it out in a cautious manner.


  • Toothpaste or white shoe polish

A toothpaste is needed to be kept handy every time while you are performing the task of moving. It is a major concern for your landlord when holes are put into the drywall. Moreover, you often tend to forget to be cautious regarding this matter at such a hectic time. Now is when your toothpaste comes into play when smoothening of the walls is required. The method is simple. Just dab some white paste on your finger, rub it into the nail or screw hole as the case may be and scrape off the extra paste. It can be then followed by touching it up with a bit of paint. This serves your purpose of making the wall smooth.

You might even carry white shoe polishes since they can serve your purpose as well. In case your baseboards are white, it is likely that they have a few scratches. A little quantity of white shoe polish can effectively conceal the wear and tear as well.

Thus, it is not that a difficult task to leave your former landlord satisfied!


  • Permanent markers

Permanent bright and dark markers play a vital role in maintaining organization and system while moving. You can prepare a spreadsheet that provides all the details as to what boxes contain which items. Since the process of moving is anything but peaceful, your pre-planned strategies might not be implemented fully at the time of crisis. A marker is yet another example of a simple yet vital item. It is essential for you to mark the boxes since in the last minute, a little mishandling can cause a lot of confusion and things might go haywire. You can label as per your convenience of understanding and recognizing your items. Make sure it is clear so that even your professional movers can easily identify your items and do the loading or packing accordingly.

A black marker is versatile as it can be used on a plastic, on a box or anywhere else as required. No wonder it is a significant tool on your D-day! Do not take it too lightly. You might feel what is in a marker or a pen. Using your regular pen is not a smart decision at all and might make you repent later. Labeling with pen is not permanent as it can easily be messed-up by rain. Keep your team of marker, tape and scissors together.


·         Vital basic Tools

When you have quite a many furniture or specialty items, you need special tools. Most times these tools are arranged by the moving company hired by you itself. However, in case if you want to take the ownership in your hands, you can get certain tools after consulting with the professional moving company. These days most furniture can be conveniently disassembled with basic simplistic tools such as screwdrivers, allen wrenches and pliers. You should at least keep these basic tools handy as you are most likely to need these tools at some point or the other.

Other than these five basic items, you can keep a few other items handy as well. The more items you keep at your reach, the better. For example, you can keep a skateboard in your close proximity. The idea of rolling heavy objects is like a relief if you are the mover yourself! No need to take the extra pain and burn the extra calories by carrying the hefty items yourself. Skateboards can be easily used to move objects from one point to the other effortlessly. However, you need to be cautious. Ensure that the boxes do not fall off the board. Since the skateboard might have its own limit, you should be sure to weigh the heavy objects beforehand.

by Sean Phillips
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Moving home can get very expensive as the costs mount up. Hiring a professional moving company can make your move stress free. Their team will arrive prepared with all equipment needed to pack your items and ensure that your journey to your new home is safe and secure.

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