Resume Length: What Should Be The Page CountResume Length: What Should Be The Page Count

Resume is an effective marketing tool for first-time job seekers and professionals. Importance of writing a credible and succinct resume has been discussed widely. Detailed information regarding writing a cover letter, summary, and correct resume format is available online. Nowadays, discussion revolving around the length of the resume has surfaced. The primary reason stated for that is the increasing pile of resumes with the recruiters that make them finicky about shortlisting the candidates.

If you go by the rules, there is none that specifies the exact length of the resume. There are experts who suggest that resume should not exceed over two pages, but that condition is not applicable in every case. The fundamental factors that determine the length of the resume are the profession, the years of experience, and type of resume (digital or hardbound).

A job in a technical profile may require the employer to know about your educational background, grades, university, etc. For that you might be required to write a brief summary regarding your past achievements along with a career objective. In such a case where it is imperative to provide such information, the length of resume may extend to two or three pages.

Similarly, in case of a candidate who is experienced and is looking for a job change is obliged to mention the employment details of his previous employer. Along with that, it is vital that he mentions projects and responsibilities accomplished during his tenure. Therefore, the length of the resume is variable in case of experienced employees. Candidates these days look for jobs through online professional networks by creating their profile and uploading resumes. Recruiters use various tools to search through the profiles of candidates that match the job requirements. The search mechanism operates in such a way that the resume with maximum keywords related to the search appears higher in the search ranking. Therefore, a long resume wouldn't be a deterrence in case of an on-screen resume if it has sufficient keywords. However, it is advisable to keep a resume concise if it is in a paper format.

Therefore, from the above nuances, it can be inferred that length of a resume is not based on any standards, but vary in accordance with the requirements. However, there are specific cases where the data on your profile history can be incorporated into one, two, or a three-page document.

Single page resume: College students and new graduates should limit their resumes to a single page. The primary reason for that is students carrying no relevant experience do not have the work history section on their resume. And students who tend to write resumes more than a single page end up adding information that is touted to be unnecessary and irrelevant.

However, students can make a two-page resume but include the most important information on the first page, while keeping the subsidiary information such as personal and family details on the next page.

Two page resume: A two-page resume is best suited for candidates with a post graduation and 5 - 6 years of work experience. Students with a post graduation can add information regarding their academic projects, internships, and can give a short overview regarding the thesis of the project and the objective. While people holding a good amount of experience can briefly describe their experience on carrying out assignments and projects along with additional skills.

Three page resume: A three-page resume is justifiable in case of a senior-level manager and executive with a long track record of over 20 years along with a set of accolades and leadership achievements. While professionals holding a doctorate, a scientific background and an extensive list of publications, research paper, and patents can have a three-page resume, and can further use addendum pages.

Length of a resume is neither a standard criterion, nor a parameter to gauge the candidate's employability. But not having a criterion doesn't give the candidates the liberty to build resumes unnecessarily long stuffed with irrelevant information, or too short for the recruiters to make any credible judgment, as both factors can be detrimental in their selection.

by Eva Lee
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