Instruction For Ideal Gift WrappingInstruction For Ideal Gift Wrapping

The guide describes a rectangular gift, but can also be applied to other forms with a little practice. Now we wish you lots of fun with the gift pack!

Step 1:

First place everything you need to pack your gifts on a clean and flat surface. Before packaging, remember to remove the price tags from the gift.

Step 2:

Place the gift box across the back of the gift paper, center it and make sure that there is enough clearance left and right that it reaches the edge of the packet.

Step 3:

Now you can cut the wrapping paper accordingly. Make sure you cut the paper as straight as possible. Tip: Fold the gift paper either before or cut it along a ruler.

Step 4:

Fold the top of the paper over the packet and secure it with an adhesive tape.

Step 5:

Then, beat the lower supernatant around the gift, turn it towards you, and fix the edge of the wrapping paper with adhesive strips.

Step 6:

Now the two short sides are folded. To do this, smooth the paper over the top edge and press down.

Step 7:

Now fold the right edge and push it inward on the packet.

Step 8:

Fix this edge with an adhesive strip. Then repeat steps 7 and 8 with the left side.

Step 9:

Now smooth the paper down and fold the edges to form a light triangle shape. Fold the last 2 cm of the bottom edge to get a clean finish.

Step 10:

Fold the entire triangle upwards and fix it with adhesive strips. Repeat steps 7 to 10 with the remaining left side.

Step 11:

Cut a long piece of gift ribbon and tuck it lengthways over the top (side without seam) of the packet, leaving left and right ends of the same length.

Step 12:

Keep the tape taut and gently turn the packet over.

Now cross the ends of the loop. Wrap the loop around the short side of the gift and turn the gift over again. The seamless side should now be up again.

Now tie the two strings of the gift ribbon. Take a pair of scissors, open them, place the blade above the knot, and pull the blade quickly to the end of the ribbon. This results in a crimping of the tape. Repeat this step with the remaining tape.

Now your package is ready and can be given away!

Tips & Hints

Other gifts

If your gift is not rectangular, pack it first in a gift box. Wrap the gift first in silk paper, so the packaging is more complex and unpacking the gift more exciting!

Dimensions of the wrapping paper

When purchasing the wrapping paper, pay attention to the dimensions of the gift packaging Ireland to make sure you have enough for the wrapping of the gift. Stripes that do not shine are less noticeable, leaving the wrapped gift look more beautiful.

by Andrew Hall
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