Top Five Practical Ways To Enhance English Language - Tips From Expert ELTsTop Five Practical Ways To Enhance English Language - Tips From Expert ELTs

Different skills, different approaches

It is important to adopt an approach based on what you are going to learn. Often, it happens that the ELTs take just one type of approach to teaching all different types of skills such as Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening skills which eventually lead to boredom. The interest level among students dwindles when they take the same type of note-taking sessions, face similar kinds of learning methodologies. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an approach which is much more innovative in nature. For instance, reading skills can be enhanced by making learners understand more about the basics in reading, making them much more aware of how to spell, how to grasp the meaning of the sentence even if they do not know the meaning of the particular words etc.

In fact, it is always good to adopt an approach which can work for the candidates like magic. For instance, a short movie in language they know with the subtitles in English can help them understand more about how to say particular things in English. This approach to teaching can lead to development of two essential skills, reading and speaking.

Learners will first listen to what the actors would say. They would learn to say the same things making use of English language by reading the subtitles running through. As the sub-titles will follow one after the other, dialogue-by-dialogue so this will help the learners enhance their speed of reading as well. They will be able to read much faster than they used to. By memorizing those subtitles they can make use them in their day-to-day communications.

For the purpose of including listening skills and joining it with the two essentials such as reading and speaking, students can be encouraged to listen to audio novels. As these are known to be much effective than movies. As often during a movie, concentration may get affected but with the audio such would not be the case. There are various sites where from candidates can download e-audio, e-novels online for free (yes, without having to pay anything for the same). They can listen to these audios anytime they would like which will eventually help them in enhancing their listening, reading and speaking skills.

Another biggest advantages of making use of such e-novels or audio-novels is that the learners will learn more about how to pronounce particular words in English. They will also come to know of how the speaking should be with respect to punctuation marks etc.

For the purpose of improvement of writing skills, learners can begin with writing on simple titles or subjects. It should be mentioned here that those who read a lot can develop in them the abilities to write effectively as well. Yes, that is the fact. Therefore, in order to write more meaningfully, more effectively, it is important to read a lot of stuff, wherever you may find. This will broaden your understanding of grammar. You will learn more about how the grammar should be, how the words, sentences, punctuation should be with respect to particular subjects, thoughts, ideas, concepts etc. 

by Smith Rick
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Smith Rick is a professional English language trainer at Einstein College of Australia, teaches  General and Business English certificate courses for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level students.
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