How Aircraft Engine Monitors Works?How Aircraft Engine Monitors Works?

An aircraft engine provides mechanical power by propelling the craft forward with the help of a motor giving it a thrust force making move forward. Most engines include the gas turbines or piston engines that work together with the wings to make the craft fly.

An aircraft engine uses the same principle as the car engines of burning fuel with air in cylinders but instead, an aircraft uses a tube in the straight line carrying all the four steps. A turbojet is an example of a simple form of jet engine type which draws in air through the inlet which is then compressed by the fun then combusted with fuel then comes out of the outlet as exhaust at the back moving so fast.

Aircraft engines are usually equipped with fans in the front of the engine which forces cold air through the inlet to the engine. A compressor is a second fan that pressurizes the air by compressing it and therefore making it hotter. A liquid fuel known as kerosene is sprayed from the fuel tank to the engine. It is in the combustion chamber that the kerosene from the fuel tank mixes with the air from the compressor and burns vigorously increasing the temperature of the exhaust gas. The mixture reaches an extremely high temperature of about 1000¬ degree Celsius.

There are turbine blades spun by the exhaust gases passing through them. The turbines, therefore, use the exhausts energy making them gain energy from the gas, and this cools the gases and reduces their pressure because they lose the same amount of energy.

The long axel that runs along the engine connects the turbine, the compressor and the fan making them rotate at the same time as the turbine spins.  The exhaust nozzle makes the exit of the exhaust gases. This helps to accelerate the gases to a speed greater than 2200km/h just like water accelerates dramatically when passing through a narrow pipe. This makes the speed of the exhaust gases double the speed of the air entering through the front part of the Aircraft Flight Instruments; this makes aircraft engines more powerful. Afterburner is an improvisation that makes the military jets have an extra thrust. This works when fuel is sprayed into the exhaust jet. The exhausts gases must have to get out with greater speed backward than the speed of the plane because the aircraft itself is much heavier than the gases produced.

The power produced by an Engine Monitors is rated as power sent to the propeller which is basically crankshaft RPM multiplied by torque. The engine power is converted to thrust by the propeller where the thrust is basically a function of the pitch of the blade relative to the aircraft’s velocity.

As the years unfold, more and more technological improvements on the aircraft engine advance. Modern aircraft are now about 100 times powerful than the early ones.
by Joseph Polizzotto
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