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4 Aspects That Control The Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal4 Aspects That Control The Cost Of Wisdom Teeth Removal

For those with an impacted wisdom tooth, removal of wisdom teeth is the only solution out there. When it comes to wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, there are various several factors that come into play. Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure, and rarely comes with side effects. The more impacted your tooth, the harder the procedure will be. Any complications present increases the complexity of the procedure, thus elevating the cost. Here are 4 such factors, upon which wisdom teeth removal is dependent on:

1. The Complexity of your Condition:

As mentioned earlier, the extent by which your wisdom tooth is impacted explains how your extraction process will be. The more complex the procedure, the higher price you will have to pay. Factors such as the submerged level of the tooth, intensity of infection, and positioning of the gum tissue determine your condition of impacted wisdom tooth.

2. Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure:

The extraction process executed for the removal of your wisdom teeth are of two types:

- Soft tissue extraction
- Hard tissue extraction

Soft tissue extraction is usually done for simple wisdom tooth cases. The gum tissue will be opened by incision and the impacted wisdom teeth will be taken out.

Whereas hard tissue extraction is applicable for more complex cases and would take more time to complete. This method is comparatively costlier than soft tissue extraction.

3. Choice of Surgeon:

If your wisdom tooth is located close to the mandibular nerve or similar sensitive areas, a specialised maxillofacial surgeon will have to handle the procedure. Availing a maxillofacial surgeon’s service will account for approximately 25% increase to the overall cost of dental procedure.

Choosing a surgeon impacts the cost of wisdom teeth removal, because their experience and reputation counts. Most dentists with good experience, certification and recognition charge higher than other dentists, but the quality of treatment and services offered shall definitely exceed the expectations of patients.

4. Other Expenses:

Other factors that contribute to the overall cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney include dental X-rays, CT scan of the jaw and other procedures that might be performed with local anaesthesia. Administering local anaesthesia will be less expensive than general anaesthesia.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is Worth the Investment?

Failing to perform wisdom teeth removal in Sydney could cause damage to your bone tissues or adjacent molars, thereby leading to costly repairs. Removing wisdom teeth at the right time can prevent such problems.

Wisdom teeth lead to dental crowding, which could interfere and ruin the treatment already availed with aligners or braces.

Obtaining the right care promptly helps eliminate pains or discomfort caused by dental problems. Visit a certified and recognised dentist today!
by Dr Paulo Pinho
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The author is an expert specialised in wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. This article explains the factors that impact the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. For more details, visit
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