Temporary Staffing And Myths Related To This Staffing ServiceTemporary Staffing And Myths Related To This Staffing Service

Temporary staffing solutions are trending day by day and like every other popular thing, there are so many myths attached to it. The trend of temporary staffing is increasing due to its flexibility and number of benefits it provides. It is beneficial for both, the employee and the employer because it provides a similar opportunity to both of the parties. Because in case of temporary staffing both of the parties are searching for some temporary projects and hence they complement each other’s needs. There are some myths associated with it, let’s put some light on it.

1-      Temporary Jobs are for Amateurs

It has been seen that people think that temporary jobs are for amateurs because talented and experienced candidates work on permanent positions, while this is not true. Every type of person can seek this option; in fact, most of the temporary jobs are for temporary projects which need a specialist or an experienced person. Temporary jobs are provided to both of the sections, to those who are masters in their fields and to those who are new and want something for the first time.

2-      Temporary Staffing Solutions Are Only For New Companies and Startups

Temporary staffing solutions are used by startups and old companies there is no such parameter for these services. People say that the temporary staffing services are being used mostly by the startups because they think that being a new company they need recruitment support from outside due to lack of staff and experience, and due to the uncertainty of business and projects which is partially correct but not totally true. It is used by big and old companies too because they too face some uncertainties, get some seasonal and occasional projects and they might also get some economic crisis. So, the conclusion is that temporary staffing solutions are not limited to startups or new companies, they are equally beneficial and profitable to old and big companies too.

3-      Temporary Workers Do Not Have Secure Future or Careers

This is again a big misunderstanding that temporary workers do not have safe and secure careers or future, they also have the same kind of opportunities which other candidates have. The temporary workers are generally skilled in some specific work and they prefer to do that work only, and that is why they are always looking for the same kind of work in different organizations and work there for that time period only, this kind of work also provide them opportunities to learn and grow and experience a different kind of work.

4-   Temporary Workers Are Treated Differently in Comparison to Other Employees

Temporary workers are not the permanent part of the company and they are there for the specific time period for which they are paid accordingly, that’s it. People say that temporary workers face partiality during their work period and they are not allowed to be the part of activities going on in office, which is not true temporary workers are equally allowed to enjoy, involve and indulge in all the activities which are arranged by the organization.

5-      Temporary Staffing is an Unnecessary Expense

Temporary Staffing is considered as an unnecessary expense, people consider that it provides manpower for a specific time period, so investing in it is a waste if you need manpower for a shorter period of time in comparison to a longer period of time. Temporary staffing solutions are beneficial for both of the cases because they have their own database with the help of which they can find candidates really quick and according to the budget and requirement, which is not that easy in case of your in-house department.

by Mark Adams
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Mark Adams
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