5 Things A Primary School Teacher Must Know5 Things A Primary School Teacher Must Know

Being a primary school teacher is rewarding. It is one of the few professions that give you the opportunity to make huge positive impact on a child’s life. The impact that you will make will shape their lives forever and they will always remember you even when they move on to secondary and tertiary education. Having a good foundation in English, Mathematics, Science and Music, among many other subjects, is important as a primary school teacher. However, what a makes a teacher stand out is if he/she can transfer that knowledge to his/her students. It does not make sense if you have all the facts and knowledge as a teacher but you are unable to communicate them in a way that your students can easily comprehend. In order to become a successful primary school teacher, there are various things that you need to know, as discussed below.

1. Students learn differently
This may seem obvious but it is worth reminding every teacher of. We all have different learning abilities. This means that there are students who grasp things fast in class while there are others who take more time to grasp the same thing. Primary school students are very keen and observant. If they notice that you are not sensitive to their learning abilities, they will form a perception about you. They will brand you as the teacher who only works with the best in class. As a result, they will become less active when you are teaching. It is very important to understand that every student is unique in his/ her own way and you should strive to ensure that you meet the individual needs of every student. You should not only pay attention to fast learners but also ensure that you include slow learners.

2. Make learning more practical and relevant
The reason why your students always feel sleepy and less attentive when you are teaching is because you lack creativity to relate theoretical skills with practical examples. The content that you teach your students will stick in their minds if you are able to relate them to day-to-day life examples. For instance, mathematics concepts should be reinforced with real life examples to help students understand what you are teaching better. If not, then your students will have no reason to remember the concept after they are done with the exam. As a teacher, you should always strive to ensure that you relate what you are teaching in class to what is happening in real life so that your students can understand what you are teaching.

3. Know how to care for introverts
In every class, there will always be two types of students. Those who like doing things alone and those who thrive by doing things with other people. Most teachers usually focus on extroverts and force those who are introverts to become extroverts. Most teachers are usually biased against introvert students because they assume that group work is always the best approach to do things. There are students who will always raise their hands when you ask a question while there are others who prefer to work alone. However, that does not mean that extroverts are sharp and more attentive than introverts. In fact, the reverse can be true. It is therefore very important to know how to take care of the needs of all students including those who are quiet so that they can feel wanted and appreciated.

4. Your students need space
They say that creativity is the birthplace of true learning. As a teacher, you should not only focus on teaching your students all the time. You should also give them space to spark their innovation and creativity. By giving your students space, you will give them a chance to think critically, come up with amazing ideas, solve problems as well as make connections between concepts taught in class. Giving your students their own space will help reignite their creativity. Besides focusing on teaching, sometimes, you should give your students space by allowing brainstorming sessions. The best way to allow your students to apply facts and theories learned in class is if you sit on the sidelines and become a quiet mentor instead of dictating all their steps.

5. Let them teach too
One of the best and most effective ways to grasp what has been taught in class is teaching the knowledge to others. Do not always be the teacher, sometimes allow your students to teach each other by doing presentations, giving lectures as well as planning their own lessons. Sit on the sideline and only provide assistance if need be.

by Nellie Delgado
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