Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Time TableTips And Tricks For A Perfect Time Table

Time is the key factor in this competition-driven world. One should be proficient enough to manage time to ace in the era. If we talk about students, they have a lot of ground to cover. Syllabus is increasing at a faster rate.Without the must needed time management skills nobody be it students or businessmencannot beat their competitors. People who take time jovially usually drop like flies.

It is a widely known fact that if you value time then only time will value you. In case of students, creating a perfect time table and following it is the stepping stone towards good grades and achievements.

Yeah, students the significance of a perfect schedule related to studies is high. So, if you have not paid attention towards this and wander why you are not able to manage all the things under the specified time limit, the lack of time management skills is the reason behind it. If you generally feel down in the mouth and throw a fit at every other small things and stress about your pending work, then you must go through the entire article. Itdescribes the optimum steps for designing a perfect time table.

  1. Find some apps to create course schedule-

Google calendar is one of the most famous apps which lends you plan all your activities and reminds you of the scheduled tasks.

  1. Follow your subjects-

In the beginning of the semester, take a note of the subjects which you would be taught in the upcoming classes. Plan each course in two ways, one according to your desire and the other as an “alternate.”

  1. Make events-

In the first week of the semester, create an event for each course on every allocated task. In the event, add name of the instructor, venue of the class.

  1. Avoid mess-

To avoid muddling up with huge number of notifications of the upcoming events, pick one course at a time. You can do it by flashing only one course on the calendar. At one time, do one course.

  1. Consume your time-

For every course create an event. Utilize every time slot that’s available. Make sure you mention all the details of the lecture. For instance, professor, time and venue. I know you will end up with a messy calendar with multiple tutorials.

  1. Organize your app-

Instead of shuffling the notification bar and finding the next scheduled class, display only your pre-allocated datebook. Then, to make everything easy, copy only those events which you like in your other type of calendar as discussed above- the most anticipated plan.

  1. Make a choice between both the plans-
  • Display both the schedules- most anticipated and the pre-allocated plans.
  • Choose the time slot which you do not like. The reasons can be various, like you do not like your professor or the time does not suit you at which the class is scheduled.
  • The courses which you hate are to be displayed on the calendar.
  • Check the options which do not collapse in both the plans.
  1. Filter the plans-

As explained earlier as well, choose the tasks which you love to do. And, make them a part of your most anticipated schedule.

To maintain each course, repeat the above steps. You can repeat all the steps till you get your desired schedule of events with suitable time.

Managing the whole course has become so easy with all the steps.

So, do not befuddle and work hard.

by Jessica Gross
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Jessica Gross is blogger and one of the professionals in academic writing who loves to write about education and technology.
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