Read This Article And Increase Your Adaptability PowerRead This Article And Increase Your Adaptability Power

Inevitability of ‘change’

Sticking to same situations and the same environment leads to a monotonous life. Moreover, it is law of nature that ‘Change is the only constant thing in the universe.’

So, how being human beings, we could wish for same sort of days for the entire life. Time is not constant even for the stars twinkling in the sky. They also have to undergo numerous environmental changes every minute and we are just humans.

The rule implements for all.

Change in student’s life

Students cannot overlook this key trait. Change is a prominent part of their life as well. Whether it is their promotion from school to college or swapping universities, all seems a major transformation in their life. One must own the art of adaptability to change to get a less stressful life. Be like a sun, no matter what happens, it shines as the way it should.

If you are a novice and want to become an expert in adaptability to change, stay tuned.

So, students, as we have considered the importance and inevitability of change, let us begin the lesson to instill the ability.

  1. Aim High

If you are tensed about your accommodation switch or you are not able to bear any other changes, remember the key purpose of your life. Think about achieving your goals and becoming successful. Changes are just few pebbles in your success journey.

  1. 2.      Spend time with people whom you admire-

Be with those people whose life story and struggle give you goose bumps. Talk to them.

  1. Be rough and tough-

In this accelerating world where availability of sufficient time is a lacking for many people out there, do not waste your time in thinking all these. Be strong enough, so that no outer situations can affect your inner peace.

  1. Be farsighted- Think about future. When you would concentrate on your long-term goals, then, all these things will appear byproducts to you. They are part and parcel of everyone’s life. The trivial things which are bothering you a lot now, will not even seem relevant to you after a year.
  1. Stop Overthinking-

Overthinking actually kills a person’s creativity. It gives birth to unwanted sadness and stress. Same goes here. You might have seen many of your friends who do not care about minute changes in their life and continue being the ‘same self’ despite all the odds. All is due to the fact that they do not overthink. They just go with the flow. To lead a more peaceful life, stop overthinking and start acting. It would be a more result-oriented move.

  1. Do not try to control anything-

Learn the harsh truth of life that you cannot control all the things. Every single situation of your life has already been fixed by the universe. All you can change and control is ‘yourself.’

  1. Seek opportunity in every situation-

Whenever life tests you and offers you some changes, your smartest move should be to take it as an opportunity to showcase your skills and endurance.

At this point of time, the saying which is hitting my mind is- “When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.” 

  1. Try to make friends-

Friends are lifeline for many (at least for me). You cannot overlook their significance in your life. But, sometimes loss of friends is what we consider as a major change in our life.

But, the one who is perspicacious faces lesser problems. To overcome such kind of situations, try to observe and understand things accurately. It might seem difficult in the beginning but with time you would learn who is good for your ‘mental health’ and who is injurious.

  1. Meditate- Meditation can be considered as the ‘paragon.’ It holds the power of solving a vast number of human problems. It enriches the soul with positivity. Moreover, it empowers as well as edify the mind. Now, practicing meditation is being recommended by scientists as well.
  1. Have self-confidence-It is such a potent weapon which can let you win even the most difficult and unexpected fight of your life. Never underestimate yourself. Have faith in yourself and your struggle. Every morning, appreciate yourself for whom you are. Say this line to yourself, “No other person can play my role better than I am playing. I will see positive in everything.”

You can also take chameleon as an example. It adapts to the environment and changes its body color within a fraction of seconds.

So, rather than detesting the changes in your life, wrap them as opportunities and throw them towards life with a big smile on your face.
by Jessica Gross
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Jessica Gross, passionate about academic writing and is currently pursuing her zeal.
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