How To Deal With Unhealthy Habits?How To Deal With Unhealthy Habits?

What is habit?

Repetitive behavior of a man in routine makes his habits. Lifestyle of a man can be judged from his habits. They define a man. After ‘hygiene,’ the word ‘habit’ matters the most in a human being’s life. Habits can either make or destroy a man.

Habits can be categorized into:

Like many other things, these can be differentiated into- the good and the bad.

Only knowing is not enough, implementation is must. Same goes in this case. We all know which habits make the list of good habits but in actual practice, few follow them.

Shortfall of good habits, its unfamiliarity and lack of a guide in life automatically leads a person to walk in the direction of inculcating unhealthy habits.

Bad is always easier to get than the ‘good one’- The harsh truth of life

Unpleasant habits act as magnet for a young mind. Immature as well as premature mind are easy to play. In several countries, students occupy a major part of the youth population. At adolescent age, most of the minds are unripe. Differentiating between the good and the bad becomes a hard nutshell to crack. As a result, they tend to go with the flow of their not so good company. They inculcate several unhealthy habits, which are most of the times out of their knowledge.

Let us have a look at some of the bad habits and way out for them.

  1. Goofing around-

Whether you see eye to eye with me or not, procrastination and wastage of time tops the list of bad habits, especially among the students. It acts as the foundation of other heaps of problems in their life, be it academic or personal.


  • Think about your long-term goal. Craft a perfect time table. Prioritize the tasks which would take you a step closer to your dream life.
  • Make your mind an alarm clock which notifies you every hour about your activities.
  1. Smoking-

The reason why most of the students get into all this is ‘to brag.’ Students could indulge in this injurious habit due to their credulous nature as well.


  • Being an educated person, you yourself know the deadly consequences of smoking. But in case, you forget them, read them periodically.
  • Remember, it is just a fuss, nothing else
  • Think about its long-term effects
  • See yourself in the mirror while smoking and spend a minute or two thinking about your parents. Memorize all the efforts and struggle which they have put into for your upbringing which you are burning in smoke.
  1. Drinking Alcohol-

Talent of a major ratio of the youth has been dragged, influenced and nullified by this most dangerous ‘D’ after depression- drinking. Birth of any addiction is much easier than its death. Similarly, such a few sips of alcohol for four or five times can transform your lifestyle ending you with the tag of an ‘alcohol addict.’ Choice is yours.


To save your name from getting that not-so wanted tag, you just have to make your mind to skip it. Nothing in this world is impossible. But, the solutions would only work when you actually want to get rid of it, otherwise, all you would get are excuses.

  • Earlier quitting the drinking habit was not that easy. But, now you can avail the numerous options available. Rehabilitation centers are there to succor you.
  • Various medications help to get back to life.
  • Do not hesitate to talk about it.
  • Attend workshops
  1. Socializing digitally round the clock-

The line- “I do not know where my time disappears after college hours.” Also, I have found many people wondering why they cannot find time for other activities.

Your mobile phone with an internet connection is the answer dude!

Most of your precious time goes in chit-chatting and scrolling your news feed.



It has become vital these days to overcome from this destroying habit. Yes, it holds the power to degrade their academic performance and grades.

  • It is better to give a call to the person rather than wasting more time typing the messages.
  • Think about your project deadline. Yeah, you have those lengthy assignments to cover.
  • Snooze the social networking sites’ notifications while studying.
  1. Compromising on health-

Eating junk food and not exercising appropriately is like storing the unwanted food items in your stomach. The habit prevails globally.


A good health is more cheerful than the taste of your tongue which lasts for a few seconds. Nothing is more precious than a healthy body. So,

  • Workout regularly.
  • Eat good food
  • Stay happy
  • Do not lose your temper
  • Smile more often
  • Enroll in some outdoor activities

A person will continue doing mistakes when he has got none to detect and correct them. But, this article acts as a mirror for you and helps you to detect your “habits” which are playing a role of pebbles in your path.

 If you have any of the habits mentioned above, pledge today to quit them and start a fresh life.

Good Luck!

by Jessica Gross
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Jessica gross, passionate about academic writing and is currently pursuing her zeal. She aims high and want to take the writing tasks to a next level.
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