Confused Between Offensive And Defensive Marketing Strategies?Confused Between Offensive And Defensive Marketing Strategies?

"You are not in the business of Convincing. You are in the business of discovering who has the problem your product or service can solve!”

 – John Di Lemme

The market is growing day by day may it be any field or any industry because the competition is the fuel for it. Rivalry ensues because one or more competitors either senses the stress or perceives an opportunity to enter an industry or to mend its position within an industry! Your marketing strategies decide the fate for your business and that’s for sure a statement we all would agree upon.

In industries where there is strategic interaction among competing firms, companies are constantly tangled in defensive and offensive strategies.

Let’s be first clear about both the strategies!

So one who rules the market in terms of products, services, and sales, along with a virtuous reputation in the market is the Industry Leader. Planning the strategies for gaining a position worth retaining for a long run takes out the sourest sweat. Either you go Offensive or stay defensive! Offensive is basically to build new or strong market position and create competitive advantages and the Defensive is to protect from competitive advantages.

Offensive and defensive marketing strategies have distinct benefits, depending on the status of the business and how successful you are in your industry. An offensive strategy provides a means for your business to hit the market strong and establish a presence, whereas a defensive strategy can help you be at the top of your industry.

No matter which strategy you go with, you need a vigilant planning and resource allocation to reach the largest number of your targets.

Being an entrepreneur, you have almost zilch to lose and all that you have is your service or product. Offensive marketing is a way that helps businesses break into the markets and expand. You have nothing to save unless the worth is known, so it is to put your best offers and promotions out there as a direct challenge to the competition!

Let’s take a quick example, Tesco was the market frontrunner in ‘general merchandising’ when Wal-Mart prompted to move in, aggressive to attract their customers with lower prices. Despite Tesco’s ongoing success, an offensive marketing strategy made it real for Wal-Mart to acquire a strong position in the market

The offensive marketing is not a cake walk for sure, you need to be very specific about the strategies. Being a part of many successful startups, I have tasted every bit of the market and would be revealing the strategies we have followed in the past and have worked like magic in the next pulse!

by Anish Desai
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A demonstrated business mentor, startup consultant and coach with 30 years of experience to incorporate, run and manage businesses. Prior to CEO of Symphony Solution Inc.
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