Jump Starter Battery: The Key SpecificationsJump Starter Battery: The Key Specifications

Hope you probably heard of a jump starter or battery starter before! Yes, it’s considered as a must-have device, especially if you are at a risk of your car’s battery going dead.

Thinking, “Why would you want the one in the first place?” The most obvious answer is: it could help you to start your car if your battery is dead or at least doesn’t have enough power to start your car.  If you’re shopping around for a jump starter for cars, it’s important that you know what to look for and what key functionalities that offer.

Jump Starter Battery Key Specifications  

Battery Type:

Your vehicle will most likely to have a 12 volt battery, so while searching for a jump starter battery, make sure to choose the one which matches your battery type.

Battery Power:

When it comes to choosing a jump starter, battery power is one of the important things you should consider.  The higher the amps, the more power the jump starter can feed to your car battery. For certain cases, look for jump starters that comes with 900 or more peak amps. Also, pay attention to what the type of battery you’re using in your car and make sure to choose the one that match the cranking amps accordingly.

Key Features to Look For: Jump Starter Battery

If you do decide to buy a jump starter battery, then some of the features to look for include:

Insulated Clamps:

Often unforeseen situations happen in bad weather and also if the under hood of your car is dirty, there could be additional grime. To get through all that crud and dirt and make a good contact, you need heavy duty clamps. For the sake of safety, make sure to choose a jump starter with well-insulated clamps to prevent shocks.

Cable Length:

The length of the cable determines how much flexibility you have in placing the jump starter battery. It’s advisable to choose a unit with a minimum of three foot long cables.


Usually, the weight of the jump starter battery is calculated by the battery’s size and capacity. If jump starting is an occasional event for you, then consider a smaller size and weight unit. The compressor built-in and the extra power outlets will also add more weight to the battery. So choose wisely!


Warranties will be greatly varied and it’s mostly decided by the manufacturers. Typical warranties run between 90 days up to 2 years.

The above-given are few of the important key features and specifications that you need to look for while choosing a jump starter.
by Anthony Farinola
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The author of this article is a dealer of gulf engine oil in Australia. During his leisure time, he likes to write articles and blogs related to his industry. In this article, he speaks about the key specifications to consider while buying jump starters Australia.
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