What Is Sports Medicine? What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a multi-disciplinary specialty that deals with the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. Sports Medicine can be beneficial to health and a useful tool for preventing a wide range of pathologies. Sports medicine also watches on prohibited sporting practices such as doping and deals with health education aimed at students, parents, and technical operators with a view to familiarizing themselves with the benefits of the well-practiced physical activity.

What does the sports doctor do?

The sports physician is responsible for certifying fitness for agonistic and non-agonistic sports practices and can carry out tests and evaluations to identify any issues related to sport or that may be inappropriate for practice, such as heart problems. It can also provide nutrition advice that is best suited to athletes during sporting practice, sports trauma, and chronic disease management through the prescription of exercises as therapy. Finally, he can play the role of a doctor and deal with anti-doping.

The most commonly treated diseases treated by the sports physician are sports trauma, for example:

  • Damage to joints and ligaments
  • Distortions
  • Patellofemoral Pain (Runner Knee)
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Fractures
  • Musculoskeletal lesions
  • Cranial traumas

*The sports physician can also help you deal with problems such as Lumbago and Gonalgia.

What are the most commonly used procedures of the sports medicine?

The sports physician evaluates the psychophysical health status of a patient and uses sports medicine therapy to prevent and manage chronic illnesses associated with improper lifestyles. Among the most frequently used tests and treatments includes:

  • The Maximum Stress Test
  • The RICE Protocol: rest, ice, compression and lifting (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • Corticosteroid Injections
  • The use of alternative sports to what causes any criticality (e.g. pain)

When to apply for an appointment with the sports physician?

An appointment with the sports physician may be necessary when you need a fitness certificate for sports practice if you have been trapped in a sports trauma and if you want to use sports therapy to prevent or deal with a chronic illness you may take benefit from sports medicine.

In today's world, with the enormous scientific development of all specialties, the interrelation of sports medicine as the science is becoming increasingly necessary. Sport medicine is a new medical specialty, but it has acquired a great importance, because of the relevant role played by it as an important tool in the control of sports training, the development of functional and morphological abilities of athletes, prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries, and anti-doping which guarantees improved health indicators for athletes and increased sports results.

Sports medicine has renewed its important role, being increasingly necessary its action in the areas of health, conducting and advising the programs of physical activity for the different health groups. It plays a decisive role in the education, promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation of chronic degenerative diseases.

If you believe that sports medicine is only for professional athletes? Think again. Although it helps professional athletes improve their achievements without harming the body, knowledge in this area can also be used by amateur athletes, children, adults and even people suffering from chronic diseases, so that their physical activity is more effective and safe.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

When we talk about sports massage, we refer to the physical treatment that is performed, in most cases, with a manual technique. The goal of the sports massage is to improve the performance and fitness of anyone who does sport, although it can also be applied to non-athletes for the same purpose.

The sports massage differs from other types of massage for being deeper and more intense. As a general rule, it is based on the guidelines of a classic massage and incorporates a combination of stretching, compression, friction, toning and more advanced techniques of pressure points and “Shiatsu”.

Sports Masseurs

Sports masseurs use techniques that include but are not limited to, pressures, stretching, vigorous movements, joint mobilization, and light tissue vibration. The origin of this method comes from massage in the area of competitive sport, where the athlete performs a long and continuous activity (e.g. football, basketball) or a strenuous activity for several hours or several races or series (e.g. tennis and athletics).

The sports massage is intended for those who do sports or high-intensity exercises. Their goal is to keep the body in a state of high muscle alertness so that tissues and muscles receive a constant supply of blood, which brings oxygen, food and eliminates cellular secretions.

Sports Doctor/Physician

Sports Physician usually comes from different areas of general medicine, family medicine or internal medicine. The sports doctor handles all aspects of sports medicine. He examines the patient and recommends treatments appropriate to the case, and provides guidance for physical activity.

Some of the sports physicians come from the field of Orthopedics, and after training in sports injuries. They diagnose and treat such injuries caused by physical activity, or those injuries that make it difficult for the patient to develop normal physical activity.

The practice of physical activities and sports medicine is a very important component in the achievement of good health indicators for a good quality of life. Increasingly, the concepts of health and sport must be more united, in order to achieve the health indicators already mentioned.
by Elena Smith
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Sports Medicine is a concentration surrounding injuries related to sports and exercise. It is a branch of science which focuses on preventative methods for injuries or stress affecting muscles and joints. 
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