Spam Filtering: Benefits For Business OrganizationsSpam Filtering: Benefits For Business Organizations

Spam messages are said to cover 60% of the mails circulated around the world every day. If you work in a business organization where the official means of communication are emails, you would know the pain of finding your inbox filled with unwanted messages. Though there is no permanent end to spam any sooner, you can always avoid spam messages from entering your inbox or email server. You do it by using spam filtering services along with your email system. Read on to know the details.

How does Spam Filtering work?

You must be wondering how spam messages get filtered before they enter your inbox. Well, it is done using a system of spam filters that identify and block spam mails adhering to certain rules. There are filters which screen spam by going through the contents of the mail and look for certain keywords. There are also filters which screen spam by referring to a list of blacklisted sources, blocking all emails from these sources and looking for more sources of this kind. All of the incoming and outgoing mails have to go through a mail exchange record which is equipped with multiple spam filter. Thus, the entire spam filtering system would ensure to block spam at any cost. The filters are updated regularly and the list of blacklisted sources keeps growing every day.

How does Spam Filtering Benefit Business Organizations?

1.  No Spam

The biggest benefit of spam filters that you won’t have any spam in your inbox again. When big business organizations are taken into consideration, you can imagine the loss of productivity due to spam. Thousands of employees wasting their time opening unwanted messages and finding important messages inside an inbox flooded with spam messages. Spam filtering simply puts an end to this pain.

2.  No Security Threats

We often ignore the fact that spam messages can easily carry harmful viruses and trojans as attachments within. You don’t want your computer systems to be infected with malware that can corrupt the system or take it hostage or cause an information leak. With spam filtering you can keep such spam mails at bay.

3.  Easy to Use

Training of employees is a huge task in big organizations and if you are assuming you need to train your employees to use this service, you are wrong. Spam filtering will be directly enabled with your existing email system requiring no work from your side.

4.  No Installations

You wouldn’t need any hardware or software installation for accessing spam filtering services. Thus there won’t be any maintenance issues to handle as well.

5.  Less Expensive

Using spam filters is far less expensive than incurring expenses on loss of productivity, flooded inboxes and wasted server resources like memory and bandwidth on processing unwanted mails.
by Frank Bower
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