How To Create Purposeful Brands With Purposeful LogosHow To Create Purposeful Brands With Purposeful Logos

Purposeful logos make a huge impact on a brand by virtue of the depth that’s hidden within the folds of their designs. These logos tend to make the brand stronger while attracting the brand’s target audience and converting them into customers. The relationship between a purposeful logo and a purposeful brand is hence, quite direct.

A brand, in its totality, is made up of several elements that determine the overall impression of it. These elements are also reinforced through the brand’s logo, making its communication process effective and smooth.

Since the design is the first thing a person sees in a brand, therefore; it is also the most suitable medium to communicate the brand’s purpose. Creating a powerful brand hence is a matter of using the right design elements, in the right manner, at the right time. Here is a list of the elements that can help a company develop a purposeful brand by means of a purposeful and creative logo design.

Understandable and Recognizable

Don’t build links, build relationships

A strong relationship is built on the factors of understanding and trust. It comprises of the idea of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of one another and yet accepting each other for who they are. The relationship between a brand and its customers revolves around the same criterion. It is important for the customers to understand the message that the brand holds while also accepting its flaws and imperfections during the process. It is when the customers are fully aware of the specifics of a brand, that they will be able to build a relationship with it.

Hence, the logo of a brand should be simple enough to allow the customers to correctly comprehend it. Also, the logo should be decipherable; this idea entails the fact that a brand’s logo should be recognizable enough for the customers to link it with the brand. With these two factors in place, a brand can easily build a connection with its audience.

Readable and Versatile

In order to stay purposeful, it is important for a brand’s logo to remain readable in all sizes. Logos may be placed on t-shirts, billboards, social media, on the walls etc. for the sake of promotion. For them to look perfect, the size of the logos is often tweaked in accordance with the surface they are to be used on. Many times, these logos get distorted when their size is changed to fit the surface. This is something that impacts the logo’s quality and value at large.

It is hence, vital for the design of a logo to be perfect enough to survive the size changes without being distorted while also being versatile enough to look good on all the mediums it is placed on.


In order to be irreplaceable, it is important to be different

If everything was same, the world would have been a boring place. Hence, to bring in a dose of excitement it is vital to be distinct.

Brands that are successful in attaining the right amount of attention are mostly the ones that are unique in their concept and design. The uniqueness is hence, what catches the customer’s eye while making the design capture a specific space in the customer’s mind.

Not all brands can have a unique logo, however; the ones that do, reap good results. Also, it requires a strong mind to come up with an idea that no one else in the industry has thought of. This could prove to be a risky task as well, as the idea may backfire, however; it is always worth giving things a try.

Apple, Amazon, FedEx and many other brands have made a mark in the history with their purposeful and powerful corporate logo designs.

With the help of a professional graphic designer and an experienced industry expert, a brand can go ahead with the task of creating a distinct logo while bestowing its brand with a design that is purposeful and novel.


Eternal logos are purposeful in nature. Though evolution sure has an impact on everything, however; purposeful logos observe the least changes. Nike, Coca-Cola, and KFC are all brands with logos that are so good that minimal changes were made to their designs. Also, the alterations made were only for the sake of aligning them with the present time.

Timeless logos help build a very strong link with their customers. Their core features and elements become their strength with time and hence, remain unchanged till need be. Because of the logo being the same since forever, customers spontaneously build a connection with the brand while making it a hit in the market.

Is Improving the Logo Design Enough to Make A Brand Purposeful?

A logo is the first thing a customer observes in a brand.  Hence, in order reflect purpose, the brand’s design needs to be well-created and sustained.  However; this does not imply that design is the only factor improving which can make a brand purposeful. There are several other things as well that are vital to be considered. Hiring a cheap logo designer, not promoting the brand enough, or delivering what you can deliver best while neglecting the needs of the customer are things that can derail the brand from its path towards success.

Being purposeful is a huge achievement that cannot come to a brand with just one element in place. It is the synchronization of all the basic factors, including logo design, which can help a brand become purposeful in the most appropriate manner.   

by Wilson Smith
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I've been working as a graphic design artist for over 8 years. My priority is quality! I have a strong sense of aesthetics and conceptualization.I specialize in Logo Designing, Branding, Print & Digital Media & Photo Editing. I have been involved in various projects that included work in Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, Corel DRAW and similar.
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