11 Expert Tips To Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Ever 11 Expert Tips To Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year Ever

Whether we strive and achieve them is a different matter altogether. No matter the amount of hard work put in, you can always tune up to do better. One formula which works for you might not work for the other person. That is why each one must look towards their own solutions. Now this is why we give you 11 expert tips on how to increase productivity – feel free to choose what works for you:

  1. Start your day right – Your morning coffee to your breakfast sets the mood for the day. Make it an enjoyable few moments so you can savour the time without thinking about the responsibilities that lay ahead. It is also advised to keep your mind fresh without any thoughts for at least a few minutes at the start of each day, to help you plunge into your work feeling focused.
  2. Toughest things first – Feeling accomplished gives you an adrenaline which pushes you through the day. Scratching off the toughest/highest priority tasks off your to-do list helps you be in charge of your day and leaves you feeling productive.
  3. Push yourself – Productivity is sometimes directly proportional to the pressure and work load. Load up your to-do list and set a deadline to achieve more than you usually do.
  4. Schedule you time – Set deadlines for each task and try completing in the specified time. This not only enables you to know which task exactly you are going to work on when, but also motivates you further.
  5. Books are man's best friend – Short breaks are a must to destress and get back on the track of productivity. More often than not, we tend to check social media sites. However, reading or rereading books and journals can help you attain wisdom and feel empowered as well.
  6. Don't clog your task list – A task list usually is a huge list of smaller tasks with only a few time consuming tasks. Complete the more important tasks with more focus and delegate the rest, productivity increases with smart work than hard work!
  7. Destress – Don't burn yourself out. Over stress has resulted only in unproductive work. Take regular breaks or when your body demands it. De-stressing gives you more resilience to handle tasks better.
  8. Talk, don't type – We all have avoided calls at some point or other. However, what we don't realize is that it is easier and more productive to finish off a two minute call and finalize on projects, than to send emails to and fro and delay the process.
  9. Delegate – You might want to do it all. Multitasking is very stressful and leads to less productivity. Make a list of tasks you can choose to outsource and hire a online personal assistant to take care of them. Since each one is an expert at their work, you can be rest assured about the efficiency.
  10.  Choose a Hobby – Nothing is more relaxing than doing something you like. Develop or reinvent a hobby and continue doing it. This not only helps to rejuvenate, but you also tend to bounce back with more productivity.
  11. Right attitude – Right attitude trumps any negative impact. Having the right thoughts will help you accomplish your goals. It is in fact your secret superpower.

You may choose to follow all or a few of the above, but minute changes go a long way in staying productive and growing your business.

by Melvin Jacobh
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