What Is A Life Coach? Myth Vs. RealityWhat Is A Life Coach? Myth Vs. Reality

Coaching industry has witnessed a boom as many people are turning towards guidance from certified professionals to deal with life issues such as managing a career and a relationship. One might often think of a life coach as a counselor; however, even if both these are closely related, there are significant differences that set them apart. While a counselor focuses on digging past to look for emotional turbulence, coach helps a person realize his dreams by setting a clearer life path.

What is a life coach?

Although people from different walks of life are now getting trained under popular coaches to meet both their personal and professional goals, they are still skeptical when it comes to a life coach. As a result, it is still a very misunderstood concept. While some people imagine it to be a person who will point out their shortcomings, others take it is as an option only for billionaires wanting to take risks. As per Tony Robbins, a famous American life coach, it is a relationship between the coach and client to help the latter identify and create a clear vision for his aspirations.

Why are people not convinced about a life coaching?

The sole reason people do not want to spend time in being coached by a professional is their doubt about the potential of coaching in delivering results. Well, to be true, nothing works unless you are willing to put in efforts, but a little help from a professional coach can pull you out from a puddle and inch closer towards the life's goals. For this to happen, it is important to bust some myths surrounding this concept and help in figuring out the road to accomplishments.

Breaking popular myths -

Myth: Coaching is only for people who cannot succeed.
Reality: Coaching programs are designed specifically with tools and skills that prove useful for everyone – right from a beginner to an experienced individual. The plan might depend on your individual needs and helps to create a focused approach for a sustainable living. Just as an athlete needs training to be at the top of game in any competition, coaching can prove to be the push factor for people who feel stuck in a rut.

Myth: A session from a life coach is similar to that of a mentor
Reality: Even if both professionals aim to help individuals overcome obstacles and succeed in life, both have significant differences. While a mentor would look at an individual's development using a holistic approach, a life coach would focus on a particular thing or an aspect of performance. They help a person visualize their goals and tell them various ways of 'How to reach the goal' rather than what to do in life.

Myth: Too much homework, no time to do it!
Reality: 'Nothing worth comes easy' – this is a typical mindset fed into the mind of generations that has led them to resist instead of accept changes. Being a part of life-coaching therapies doesn't mean that you have to read a dozen of books or give up on social life completely. It will just help you look at a problem from different perspective and encourage to take steps that you are afraid of.

Myth: Personality development is for the luxurious and hence, not a necessity
Reality: Many people only focus on making a living when they can make their dreams come true. However, they do not want to take risks and are afraid to come out-of-the-box. As a result, when these people see the cost of a coaching program, their eyes pop out, and the conclusion is, such sessions are only for the rich. The sessions by a life coach are usually concerned with topics of how to find an optimal balance between work and life without compromising your dreams. Also, many successful trainers have now started giving free demo sessions. Hence, you can just attend one of these if you do not want to go for the paid seminars for now.

Myth: Life-coaching is just a fad that will fade away
Reality: People also have a notion that when there are numerous self-help books and motivational speakers uploading their videos on YouTube. So going for sessions is waste of time and money. They also think that eventually, the craze to get a personal life coach will die out soon. On the contrary, it is only going to rise as more individuals realize the power of getting advice to achieve dreams and encouragement from successful trainers.

Taking sessions from a life coach does not mean assurance of a problem-free life. However, it could be the best decision of your life. Even if you have to invest your time, energy and resources to attend these classes, the transformation you will go through will definitely amaze others in your vicinity, provided you are willing to take positive actions.

by Sandy Dsouza
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Life coach is thus a profession which you can consider as one of the long term career options to do. This article therefore focuses on myths and reality in this career.
Sandy Dsouza is a freelance author and blogger and is significant contributions to BSR: Resume Examples.
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