The Importance Of Self-Regulation For Students And AdultsThe Importance Of Self-Regulation For Students And Adults

While teachers throughout the world are busy teaching their students how to read, write, and do math problems, there is one part of a child's development that is often woefully overlooked. When a child is not taught how to self regulate, then they may struggle with focusing, controlling their actions and behaviors, and being successful not only through the rest of their schooling, but also when they have a career after graduation. While most adults have good self-regulation skills, many do not know how important it is to pass these skills on to the children in their lives, which leaves these kids unable to manage stressful situations, stay on top of large projects, and focus when they are learning something.

How to Better Your Self-Regulation

Like many skills, the only way to improve your self-regulation is to practice. Parents can help their children learn how to self-regulate by explaining why it is important to wait for a turn, how to keep studying to get a good grade, and why waiting for something is often a better choice than getting immediate gratification. Unfortunately, if parents do not understand self-regulation, then they will need to take classes so that they understand this important skill and how to teach it to their children.

One great way that parents can learn about self-regulation is through a self-regulation program online. It's important that you don't select just any available program, but make sure that you take one from an AOTA approved provider so that you can be sure the course is vetted.

Self-Regulation as Adults

In the real world after school, adults need this skill as well, and if they did not develop it when they were younger, they will have to work hard to develop it as they grow older. An AOTA approved continuing education program that focuses on the skill of self-regulation is a great place to start. It's a good idea to set goals that are difficult but still achievable, as this will encourage you to strive to reach them. Skipping immediate rewards such as going out to dinner will not only help you save for larger purchases in the future, but will also ensure that you have enough time to work on a big project that your boss has assigned.

Our lives are full of times when we need the skill of self-regulation, and learning this skill as young children is much easier than learning it as adults. It's important that if you have children in your life, you help them practice this skill and show them how it will actually improve their life in the long run. If you struggle with self-regulation yourself, then you will want to get support to improve this skill and your life.
by Sherry Shellenberger
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