Need Help Choosing A Shipping Crate? Consider These 4 FactorsNeed Help Choosing A Shipping Crate? Consider These 4 Factors

So you want your goods to reach the destination without any damage. One of the most important things to consider when transporting your goods from one place to another is to have a very robust and protective packaging. A good packaging will ensure that you can eliminate any unnecessary hassles such as product damages that lead to extra costs. ISPM certified shipping crates are a great choice if you need to transport your goods anywhere. Take a look at these factors to consider while choosing one:

1.    Examine The Exterior of The Crate: Analyze if there are any holes or damages on the exterior side of the crate because it can lead to water seepage or infestation of insects. Not to mention checking the validity of the safety approval plate.  The hinges should work as intended and the labels placed on the shipping crates should also be clearly visible for the loaders. If you notice any unnecessary or incorrect labels, remove them immediately.

2.    Examine The Interior of The Crate: Check the interior of the crates very carefully, because this is where goods are going to lie. See if there are any rats, mice or insects before you begin to load the goods.  Examining the interior is crucial to prevent any dampness, dirt or dust. This way you can make sure that your goods are secured from damage after they are loaded.

3.    Conduct Post Loading Checks: Once the shipping crates are stacked, post loading check will have to be conducted. Checking if the shipping crates are appropriately loaded will prevent the chances of damage during transit, specifically when the route has rough, bumpy roads and terrains.

4.    Unloading of Crates: Make sure only professional loaders will handle the process of unloading and delivering of your goods in crates when they reach the destination.  Remember to check for any damages in crates that might have occurred during transit. Damaged crates, if any, should be returned to the supplier or the personnel responsible for packaging.

There are suppliers who offer high quality shipping rates at great prices. While choosing a supplier, look for the customer ratings and make sure that they are experienced in offering state-of-the-art shipping crates that are highly durable and robust.

Dealing with a certified supplier is always a great idea. Depending on your requirements, they also manufacture and supplier custom shipping crates with less turnaround time.  Hence, begin your research today and find a supplier that can meet your shipping requirements.

by Kurt Heimbrock
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The author is working in a leading supplier manufacturing and offering shipping crates and has an experience of over 2 years. In this article, he explains the important factors one must consider when looking for ISPM certified shipping crates.
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