Difference Between Demand Generation And Lead Generation Difference Between Demand Generation And Lead Generation

In modern marketing demand & lead generation are the two crucially important buzz words, especially in the last decade with new technologies that permits meticulous tracking and improved accountability.

These words are most commonly used probably at least three to four times in a day in your office. But is these terms used correctly by you and your team is always a big question to answer. It is very important to understand the thin line between these two buzz words. Most of the times it so happens that we use these terms in our daily activities like trainings, marketing strategic planning etc. but never really think about what these words specifically means. It’s crucial to know what these terms mean and use them in correct context whenever required.

To start with Demand Generation – demand gen involves any activity which is related to marketing that helps in creating awareness about your brands, solutions, product, and your company in your target universe. Demand generation also included your outbound and inbound marketing, so your interesting stuff like webinars, email marketing, events, etc. are included in this. The main objective of demand gen teams is to fortify the position of your company in your target universe along with creating a predominant brand awareness. Demand gen is solely taken care by marketing few departments have dedicated roles like a VP of Demand Generation, or Demand Generation Specialist.

Few examples of Demand Generation activities:

•        Blogs

•        Whitepapers

•        YouTube/Vimeo channels featuring the product

•        Resource Guides

•        Exhibiting at an industry event

•        Email Campaigns

Moving on to Lead Generation which is a simpler concept then demand gen. it’s just a process of collecting leads. Most of these leads are captured through forms fills, these leads can also be captured through website tracking software’s used by you marketing automation platforms. The agenda of lead generation is to collect all of the leads (responses, form fills, website visitors, etc.) which come in result of demand generation programs that are mentioned earlier. These leads can be later added to your database to follow up with these leads. You can call Lead gen a product of demand gen or a subdivision of it.

Here are some examples of lead generation:

•        Opt-in form

•        Form on a pay per click (PPC) landing page

•        Website tracking from a marketing automation platform or other device

•        Form to download/attend a webinar/whitepaper/ebook

•        Sign up form at event exhibit booth

Demand Gen + Lead Gen

As a B2B digital marketer, it is important to understand audience with publishing relevant content over various channels to easily educate people with available materials. So if there is no proper tracking tools, how can a marketer know who is downloading those materials and how we can follow up with those leads?

Furthermore, without that form you’re also missing out on information about that person. On the web forms we should mainly have, First Name, Last Name, Company, Email and occasionally the Title. These fields are extremely important because it helps to understand information about the person to decide whether the information is qualitative or not.

Lead Generation can’t go without demand generation as they go hand-in-hand, the major challenge to overcome is to have a perfect balance of both in marketing teams.

by Smith Jame
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Most of these leads are captured through forms fills, these leads can also be captured through website tracking software’s used by you marketing automation platforms.
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