Top 5 Free Android Applications On Google Playstore In 2018Top 5 Free Android Applications On Google Playstore In 2018

Technology has been in a roller coaster ride these days. Every now and then world has been abuzz with the latest technology news. Technology has been shaping world rapidly, things has been changing rapidly. Now, it does not matter how many miles apart we are from our friends and family, we can always connect with our loved ones with just a matter of a click. All thanks to Android Apps available on smartphones. It serves all the issues ranging from connecting with contacts of our loved ones, arranging tasks, using digital wallet apps, smart pone locks etc. there are innumerous apps for different purposes that anyone can even think of. Android Apps have revolutionized the way smartphone are used. Some Android Apps can cost you few bucks and some can be absolutely free. Some of them is as follows:

1) Google Assistant

As the name suggests Google Assistant is the Virtual Assistant by Google that helps user in performing different activities on our smart devices. It is available on mobile and smart home devices. Google Assistant is a smart application as it engages in two-way communication with the user with voice input commands, also input via keyboard is there. Google Assistant is able to set an alarm, setup an event, check hardware and do simple tasks.

2) Google Duo

Google Duo is a smart video calling application that lets you instantly connect with your loved ones. You can reach out to your friends and friendly, and virtually can be together face to face doesn't matter how many miles apart. It a free android app available on Google Playstore that can easily downloaded. It is user friendly and easy to use application. It has a quite simple interface and is one of the best video calling application.

3) Evernote

Evernote is the free app available on Google Playstore that makes it easy for user to manage deadline, make notes, set up a small milestone to achieve to achieve big tasks ultimately. It enables users to form notes in various different formats like text, photo, audio, video, sketches etc. It enables users to remain organized and complete the tasks in given specified time limit.

4) Google News & Weather

Google News & Weather keeps the user abreast with the latest news locally as well as around the world. Also Google Weather enable you to keep a tap on the weather conditions locally as well as globally. It helps user plan their tours and trips accordingly keeping weather conditions in mind. Also locally, for everyday weather it can give you information about the weather that particular day. Google New & Weather can be easily downloaded for free from Google Playstore.

5) Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the user friendly messaging android application that has dramatically changed how we earlier used to interact using messages. Whatsapp has made it easier to send audio, video and text messages. Whatsapp connects all our phonebook contacts and makes it easier to send and receive messages in different formats be it text, audio or video. Whatsapp makes it easier to send and receive attachments in different formats too. Whatsapp has revolutionized the traditional way of communication. WhatsApp is a user friendly application that is available at no cost i.e. free on android Playstore.

by Jill Clevenger
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Author is a person who knows the importance of Technology news and Android Apps in this era. The author knows well that if one tends to remain secluded from the same is sure to lose out at one sphere or the other.
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