String Tension Of The Badminton Racket: Do Not Let It Give You Tension!String Tension Of The Badminton Racket: Do Not Let It Give You Tension!

When you are playing badminton, small things play a significant role in helping you win the game. One of the important things that you should consider before the match is the string tension of your racket. An ideal string tension will allow you to play your shots accurately. Also, it will tell you about the level of power and control required for the game. So, is the current string tension of your racket proper for you? What should be the ideal number for a beginner? How do advanced player think of it? And, how to calculate string tension? Let’s begin to answer all the questions.

The Tighter the Strings, the Better it is for you: It is True?

If you are new to the game, many players will advise you to increase the string tension. They will tell you that a higher string tension allows them to play the game with more power. But, do not make a blind decision. Understand what works for you. Choosing a string tension is not as simple as it looks.

Usually, beginners and intermediate players choose a lower string tension (16-24 lbs.) because it offers greater flexibility and a bigger sweet spot. If you have chosen low string tension, the shuttlecock will bounce off the racket easily without much power. The only problem is that it doesn’t offer you much control over the shot. Now, if you are new to badminton, you must opt for lower string tension so that you do not have to exert high amount of power.

As an advanced player, you have already developed the strength to hit powerful shots. So, you do not need a big sweet spot. Instead, you need improved control and speed over the shots. And, you can achieve it with high string tension (more than 24 lbs.).

Is the Current String Tension Right for you?

When you buy a new racket, the approximate string tension will be mentioned by the manufacturer. But, as you play, the string will stretch and lose the tension. So, don’t make the mistake of playing without stringing the rackets on a regular basis.

If you feel that the current string tension is not what it used to be or you simply want to check the number, there are multiple apps such as Stringster and RacketMeter available in the market. Download any of the apps and create a profile with information related to the make and model of the racket. Also, do not forget to type in details regarding the last time you strung the racket. Once you have fed all the details in your phone, simply tap the badminton racket to create vibrations. The app will pick up the vibrations and inform you about the approximate string tension.

Checking the string tension on a regular basis will help you to maintain the tension according to your requirements. It means no unpleasant surprises on the court.


by Jeremy Hughes
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