Safety Is Must! How To Avoid Pallet Accidents And How To Prevent ThemSafety Is Must! How To Avoid Pallet Accidents And How To Prevent Them

Health and safety are one of the most important yet the most overlooked aspect of a warehouse environment. Pallets used in warehouse and supply chain management centers can lead to injuries such as puncture wounds, broken toes, sprained ankles or worse.

Pallets & custom shipping crates can add more storage to your warehouse and enhances your ability to reach the products faster and more accurately. They also come with some safety issues (as mentioned before) if not handled properly. Denver Reel and Pallet Company care about their customers and have created this helpful guide on “how to avoid pallet accidents”

Make Sure That the Pallets are Installed Properly

When installing pallets or custom crates in your warehouse, make sure to follow the safety guidelines and install pallet racks properly. While installing pallets, make sure the ground must be level and the posts correctly mounted to the floor.

Make Sure the Products Are Stored Properly

When loading a pallet rack, make sure the loads are stored properly and the loads are being evenly distributed for the size and weight. To prevent unwanted damage or injury, items being placed on the racks or crates should be properly tied and secured.

Inspect Your Pallets and Racks Regularly

Certain guidelines and safety measures can be added to your pallet rack system to avoid accidents. Be sure there are no bent frames, no hardware out of place, no missing beam clips, etc. These are all easy to view and can help you ensure that your rack isn’t at risk.

Install Pallet Guard Panels

Installing pallet guard panels can save more dollars and reduce injuries! Pallet guard panels can be installed to cover the length of the pallets stored in the rack to help items from falling down to the floor and injuring someone in the process.

Keep the Floors Clear of Debris & Oil Spills

As we all know, warehouses are not obviously a spotless environment. But unfortunately, a dirty floor can also cause slip & fall accidents, so some kind of care needs to be taken to clean up oil spills immediately, especially on concrete floors. Also, forklift wheels can lose traction & friction on wet/oil surfaces which causes driver to lose control while moving trailers.


Denver pallets expert says “Warehouse accidents are common, but it can be preventable by following certain safety guidelines. Though only a few were stated above, I assure, now you have a better view on what is the must to ensure a safe working environment for your workers and items.”

Whether you’re looking for ISPM certified shipping crates or wooden pallets Denver for shipping TVs, Furniture, Motorcycles, Fine Arts etc., Call Denver Reel & pallet Company today!

by Kurt Heimbrock
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