How Long Will Dental Implant Last?How Long Will Dental Implant Last?

Have you suffered tooth loss? You don’t have to be embarrassed every time you smile. There are various options for tooth replacement available today including dentures, bridges, and dental implants.

What’s so great about dental implants?

If you’re looking for a replacement option that is both attractive and restorative, you’d do well to opt for implants. There are several benefits to this option:

  1. They are easy to care for

If you don’t want to have to deal with removing and replacing false teeth every evening and morning, this is a great option for you. Implants mimic the natural structure of pearly whites. They include a titanium structure that is implanted in the jawbone to act as the anchor for the false tooth. This structure is similar to the root of a tooth. The jawbone grows and fuses with the titanium root to provide even greater structural support for the false pearly white. Caring for the false teeth is similar to caring for your own natural pearly whites. There are no special practices required. 

  1. They’re comfortable

This option mimics natural teeth. It is therefore the closest thing to having natural teeth. The false pearly whites feel like, function like, and look like natural pearly. They are therefore the most comfortable option for replacement of lost teeth.

Are they a long term solution?

This is one of the most common questions any implant dentist is asked. How long you will have them will depend on several factors:

  1. Your suitability for the procedure

The titanium root requires adequate support in order to be effective for longer. This support is the result of the jaw bone fusing with the titanium root. If you lack adequate bone in your jaw e.g. as a result of bone mass loss, the routine will only provide short term benefits.

If you have suffered bone loss, your implant dentist may recommend bone regeneration prior to the implantation procedure. This will help ensure that you have adequate bone to support the root structure.

  1. Placement

The placement of the dental implants is vital for the success of the procedure. Poor placement can result in their failure. It is therefore important to ensure that the routine is carried out by an experienced dentist. They should have the right training and done the routine successfully for many other patients.

  1. The occurrence of other dental conditions

The success of the procedure will also be influenced by the presence of other conditions and diseases. Conditions that contribute to pearly white decay can result in failure of the procedure. It is therefore important for patient to practice good oral hygiene.

Conditions such as teeth grinding or clenching put a lot of pressure on the replacement. This also eventually leads to failure.

  1. Your lifestyle

Various habits and activities influence the longevity of the tooth replacements. Habits such as smoking can lead to failure. It is therefore important for patients to address lifestyle issues before undergoing the procedure.

With the right care, your implants can last for decades. Ask your dentist for guidance.

by Dr. Curt Ringhofer
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