Responsive Logos: The Current Trend In Digital BrandingResponsive Logos: The Current Trend In Digital Branding

A logo is not just the name of your company written in stylish fonts and bright colors. It embodies everything your company stands for. It allows you to create a distinct image in the minds of your customers. So, when it comes to branding a business, you must give utmost importance to it.

But, does it mean that you should never change your logo? Not necessarily. Now that we are in the age of responsive websites, altering the content to fit a screen is not the only requirement. Your logo needs to be responsive too. The logo of your business should be adaptable and match different displays without losing its essence. For example, you may have seen how Nike uses their full name logo, “Just do it” tagline and the swoosh interchangeably without losing its context and identity.

The Story of Responsive Logos

London designer Joe Harrison was one of the first few designers to work on responsive logos. He believed that simply changing the size of the logo depending on the changing screen size is not the perfect solution. If the screen is too small, your logo may not be clearly visible. In such a situation, the logo needs to adapt in a way that its meaning isn’t lost. Under his Responsive Logos project, the designer experimented with different logos of famous brands including Coca Cola, Chanel, MTV, Walt Disney, Levi’s and Kodak.

Let’s take an example of Walt Disney logo. Harrison removed the legendary castle from the logo when it became clear that name “Walt Disney” is enough to incite the same reaction. And, if the screen size is further reduced, simply a “D” in the iconic Disney font is sufficient as a logo for the company.

The Benefits of a Responsive Logo

1. Legible Logos

The problem with non-responsive logos is that they become illegible in a small screen size. And, the very purpose of having a logo is lost if your customers are unable to recognize it. Fitting all the elements of the logo in a small screen can become a designer’s nightmare. Instead, if you opt for a responsive logo, your designer can create legible designs that easier to spot.

2. Scalability is a Superpower

It is best to have a responsive logo so that you can make optimum use of available screen size. For example, if you design a tiny logo to fit mobile screen, it won’t look impressive on a billboard. But if you have a responsive logo, you are free to use any logo that looks good and drives the message accurately.

Does your Business need a Responsive Logo?

In today’s world of internet, the question should not be whether you need a responsive logo. Instead, you should ask the question: Why you still don’t have an adaptable logo? When responsive webpages are so common, it become imperative to have a logo that works as hard as you.

But, remember Rome was not built in a day. You need expert designers to work on the logo so that the identity of your brand is not diluted. Consider the time for execution and choose logos that focus on brand recognition. So, spend time in finding the right graphic designer for your business and get ready to have a trendy responsive logo.

by Jayesh Gosai
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