Top 5 Tips To Prevent Injuries Due To Spills In A Warehouse Top 5 Tips To Prevent Injuries Due To Spills In A Warehouse

In a warehouse, even a small spillage can cause an accident. Such accidents could lead to fractures, broken bones, head injuries or even something more serious. Hence, it is vital to take preventive measures. There are some tips that if followed carefully assured the same. So, the top five tips are the following ones.
Use spill trays
It is best to adopt a practice of using spill trays while carrying liquids whether they are hazardous or not. Available in compact sizes and light in weight, spill trays effectively catch any leak or drip from bottles or containers and help to keep the warehouse clean. It thus minimizes the chances of an accident due to drips or spills. Some trays also have removable grids.
Invest in Surveillance Equipment
In spite of the best practices to avoid spillage in a warehouse environment, there could be spills while handling liquids. So, an investment in surveillance equipment is a wise move. Not only this ensures round the clock monitoring of the warehouse, but also helps in quick cleaning of the spill.
Have a plan of action
To avoid injuries due to accidental spillage, have a ready plan of action.This facilitates the people engaged in floor maintenance to understand what they should do immediately after a spillage. Emergency spill response is a part of the safety and health programs of several companies across the world.
Easy access to cleaning supplies
It is not wise to expect that warehouse cleaning staff could clean spills within a few minutes without giving them an easy access to cleaning supplies. A ready stock of hand-sanitizing agents, sawdust bags, scrubbing brushes, universal sorbents, and so on proves handy.
Install Containment Barriers
Sometimes, it becomes necessary to isolate a section of the warehouse to restrict the spread of a chemical spillage. In these cases, containment barriers do a wonderful job. These are mostly installed at doorways.
In a warehouse, spills can occur anywhere while carrying containers or bottles of liquids or storage of the same. So, if there is a need to store hazardous liquids, one of the best ways is to use hard covered spill pallets units. There are several more industrial safety products now readily available in the market that ensures spill control in an effective way.
by Smith Jones
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Based in UK, Smith Jones is a marketing manager at Beecraft UK Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pallets. However, in his spare time, he loves to write about plastic products used in various industries as well as packaging solutions for safe import and export of goods. To check out the products, please visit
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