6 Reasons How Digital Assurance And Testing Will Bring Business Value6 Reasons How Digital Assurance And Testing Will Bring Business Value

In the current scenario, customers have become increasingly demanding. This is in terms of the range/scope/scale of products/services available, their seamless functioning, promptness of customer feedback and a rewarding experience. To offer the same, businesses adopt new strategies, technologies, business models, and processes. Also, the business objectives have to be redefined and recalibrated on newer parameters to achieve ROI. The quest to offer better products and services by leveraging latest technologies, mobility solutions, and social media has brought digital assurance and testing to the fore.

Furthermore, digital assurance and testing offer a sense of security and assurance to customers that their sensitive personal information remains safe. It assures utmost importance for it keeps businesses afloat in the turbulent waters dictated by competition. The bottom line is that digital software testing helps enterprises to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Faster time to market
  • Better customer experience
  • Achieving the competitive edge
  • Adding business value and profitability

Cybercrime has become a serious threat to businesses for its role in stealing confidential customer and business information. Cyber criminals take recourse to the use of malicious software, tools and techniques such as malware, trojans, viruses, social engineering, etc. to wreak havoc. They can potentially bring a business to its knees by destroying its market credibility. The possibility of cyber criminals targeting a software product increases manifold when there are vulnerabilities and glitches galore.

Digital software testing ensures a software product gets its vulnerabilities plugged and glitches removed. It does by so increasing the testing area and speed by way of test automation. It comprises of a test automation framework, reusable test scripts, accelerators, and a robust reporting mechanism among others. Digital testing ensures that a software works seamlessly across the domains of cloud, mobility, social media, and analytics. It is a great enabler for digital transformation and helps to optimize business outcomes and cost. Digital QA and testing create a seamless Omni-channel experience for the end customers. To enhance the scope and impact of digital QA and testing, it is run alongside the development process by following Agile and DevOps.

How can digital assurance and testing add business value in six different ways?

#1 Gaining competitive edge: Digital quality assurance helps a software product to become resilient and face market dynamics in a better way. However, in order to do so, the use of a right testing framework and tools is required. When the quality of a product is ensured, it turns out to be market compatible leading to a better customer experience. Thus, customers, when assured of a better experience, often do not look for alternatives. This leads to better sales and a competitive edge for the product and brand in the market. Digital quality assurance is generally conducted on parameters such as performance, functionality, security and usability.

#2 Enhancing customer experience: The paradigm of DevOps is ultimately aimed at enhancing the customer experience. It does so through continuous improvement, testing and delivery. DevOps integrates processes such as development, testing and operations and incorporates a better customer feedback mechanism. Once the customers find that the product meets parameters such as navigation, security, and performance, they tend to stick with the same.

#3 Faster time to market: Test automation as a part of the digital testing services brings about a faster testing of products. It does so through repetitive testing or by using virtualization. As the test coverage and the quality of the product improves, the time spent on rework is reduced. Thus, the product reaches the market quickly.

#4 Building products aligned to customer expectations: The development of a quality culture and an increased collaboration amongst stakeholders lead to the development of quality products. With Agile and DevOps adoption software product development gains agility and ultimately the software/application gets built as per the expectations of the customers.

#5 Security proofing: Digital testing services remove the vulnerabilities of a product and enhance its security features. These pre-empt hackers from breaking into systems and stealing classified information.

#6 Omni channel validation: Digital QA validates the functioning of a software product across platforms, devices, operating systems and networks. This leads to a better customer experience.


Digital QA enhances the quality of a software application and addresses the challenges of an ever changing business environment. It not only adds value to a business, but also helps it to gain competive edge.

by Michael Wade
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Michael works for Cigniti Technologies, which is one of the North America’s largest Independent Software Testing companies. Visit Cigniti website to know more about Digital testing services.
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