Avoid Expensive Home Painting Mistakes; Hire A Professional Color ConsultantAvoid Expensive Home Painting Mistakes; Hire A Professional Color Consultant

There are two types of homeowners: One who wants to pick each and every color in the room and the other who doesn’t care what color the home is. For both type of homeowners, a color consultant can act as godsend. Whether you are confused about choosing the right color theme for your home or you are simply looking for someone to make the color decisions for you, a professional, certified color consultant is your answer.

Every room has a different purpose and you need to create a right atmosphere with different shades of colors in the form of wall color, furniture, wall art, paintings and more. Also, natural and artificial lighting play a big role in the final results. A color consultant knows the latest trends and developments in color theory, but more importantly, he/she will value you as an individual and come up with color schemes that best suit you.

Color Consultant: Your Trusted Advisor for choosing Home Painting Colors

1. Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

You may think paying $100-$200 for a couple of hours of consulting, to select a few colors for your home, is extravagant. But, think of the cost that you will have to incur for taking care of wrong painting colors in your home. A painting company will charge you $500-$800 for a typical 10*12 room. Imagine being unhappy with each and every room of the house and then painting them again. The financial cost and mental pain will be phenomenal. So, spend a couple of dollars on hiring an expert who will help you make the right decision in the first place.

2. More Choices, More Confusion

When homeowners decide to change the color of the walls, they go into an intense research mode. New color trends, color theory, color inspiration, and understanding of light to make your home beautiful can be time-consuming. Stalking home improvement websites and Pinterest boards can take a toll on you. And, sometimes, the more options you have, the more confused you will be. It will delay your painting project. Also, imagine spending a large amount of money on paint swatches and samples. If you work with an experienced color consultant, he/she will already have researched several color combinations and help find you the perfect fit.

3. Useful for the Uninitiated

If you are someone who doesn’t really understand how different colors come together to create a harmonious atmosphere or you do not have the time to pore over every color palette article on the web, a color consultant can be your guardian angel. You simply have to tell the kind of mood you are looking for a particular room. Discuss your special preferences and let them know about your likes and dislikes. Your consultant will already have a few tried-and-tested combinations and he/she will be able to incorporate your favorite shades in the color palette in such a way that the end result will be stunning.

Hiring a Color Consultant: How to get more Value for your Money?

A typical color consultation appointment can last between 2 to 3 hours. The expert will value each particular space uniquely and individually, asking you many questions and gathering specifications for each room. Then, after he/she understands your needs, the expert will provide you with the best color combinations. But, if you are spending $200 for services of a color consultant, make sure that you get the most out of it.

>>Research well to hire the best consultant. You may use the internet to find one near you. Even, your local home improvement store will have a color consultant. Another option is to hire the consultation services of a home painting company.

>>Choose someone with wide experience of helping people in making their homes better. A certified professional may be expensive in terms of fees but if you think of the end result, you will definitely gain more out of the experience.

>>Will they give you a custom color scheme according to your requirements or offer you options from a pre-made palette. The latter may be inexpensive but if you are looking for amazing results, it is best to hire custom services.

>>Do not simply discuss the color choice of the walls. A room looks good and well put because of all the elements present in the room. Make sure you discuss color combinations of furniture, flooring, paintings, drapes, bedding, etc. to get the best result.

>>Ask the color consultant for paint chips and samples so that you can actually understand how the paint color will look on the walls. Analyze the samples for at least a day or two in different lighting to know how you really feel about it.

>>Learn how the consultant picks colors for your home. If you learn how to balance different colors and textures like a professional, you will never need an expert in the future.

>>Be honest. It is okay to tell the expert that you do not agree with their advice and suggestions. In the end, you have to live in your home and you should love the colors on the wall.

>>If you are not satisfied with the color combinations, ask for different ideas and discuss your specific color choices to ensure beautiful painting results. Remember it is a team effort.

A Color Consultant is useful for Every Homeowner!

Are you going to put your home on the market and simply need to paint it? Do you want to improve the look of a room or are you interested in painting a commercial property? No matter your requirements, a color consultant can help you. Remember if it is about colors, you can never go wrong with expert advice. Hire the services of a professional color consultant and let him put the perfect color palette for you.

by Christine Delongte
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We have an experienced team of professional color consultants who can help you select the right color combination for your home.
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