Traditional Marketing Vs Digital MarketingTraditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

We have most of them heard of digital marketing as it is the era of it so. So we should know what was the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing? And does it really matters to know the difference, yes it does as we all want to know how things have changed?

When people start doing business they are not able to decide on what kind of marketing they can do when someone starts a business their budget is small and they have to fulfill many other works. We all know how hard it is to decide which way to go? What will work or what not will work. We need to know what kind of marketing is going to be helpful. How can we know that our marketing is working? Whom can we trust which type we can trust? Or can it be done by me will it be easy to do? Etc there are many types of different questions arises in mind.

So first in shorts let’s know about both of them.

Traditional marketing: we all read newspapers magazine etc and there are many ads about different things or we all have seen people handing over flyers so this method of telling people and advertising using newspapers, magazines etc. These kinds of methods are known as traditional marketing. Using newspapers to post ads or using radio or showing ads on televisions etc.

Digital Marketing: marketing done using digital mediums is known as digital marketing. Like we all use digital medium so advertising is done using social media or mobile phones online advertisements etc. If you are investing in a website and then you can advertise using social media like we all use FB, Instagram or YouTube etc so when marketing is done using all these digital mediums it is known as digital marketing.

Let’s look at some of the positive sides of Digital marketing:

  • When it comes to reaching the people of locals like reaching to local customers it becomes easy to reach the person in person. Like handing them flyers or putting them in newspapers so by this in local areas advertising g becomes easy.
  • If you are handing over flyers or you are putting them in newspapers you can always have the hard copy of it and people can borrow it or they can be printed again.
  • People will be easy to understand as they have a habit of seeing advertisements like this.
  • Let’s have a look at some of the positive sides of Digital Marketing:
  • Digital marketing can reach to the peoples among all over the world no matter local community or big country digital marketing n can reach everywhere. Like social media is used by many different peoples all over the world so it is the best thing to use digital marketing for marketing purpose.
  • You have always the saved data of your advertisements’ you don’t need to use papers as you can save your data in drives or pc it can be saved and forwarded whenever it is needed by someone.
  • Nowadays people have started using digital mediums more everyone uses mobiles, tablets or pc they all are always active with their internet on so they understand digital marketing a lot.

So we have described the difference between both traditional marketing vs digital marketing let's see what you choose and think can be useful to you. As digital marketing is on trend and is really helpful so we can use it for advertising also. The use of it is cost-effective and easy to use and reaches people immediately and easily.

by Juan Yelle
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So we have described the difference between both traditional marketing and digital marketing let's see what you choose and think can be useful to you. As digital marketing is on trend and is really helpful so we can use it for advertising also.
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