Google Alert To All Sites Without Ssl And HttpsGoogle Alert To All Sites Without Ssl And Https

Since July 2018, Google Chrome has introduced all of the sites that Http has been unsafe. From 2015, Google began to drop the ranking of sites that were not encrypted. The Chrome team announced that the sites that are using https

 There are rising ratings. Eighty-one of the top 100 sites in the search engine ranked https. https not only boosts the ranking, but also increases site traffic.

Https encryption encrypts the channel between your browser and the website you are visiting. Make sure no one can spy on the information you send. With strong security and high security, one can not do this. But without this encryption, someone who has access to your router or ISP can get information that is sent to websites or software Send illegal and spy to pages.

Google Chrome has been unsafe for all sites that do not have ssl since July 2018.

Google recently announced that since June 2018, it has named all the sites that do not have ssl as "unsafe" sites. For the following reasons, this can be important for many web design .

  • Research consistently shows that trust indicators make it easier for viewers who want to buy online online to trust more easily.
  • Even if your website traffic does not provide you with direct financial benefits, companies will place web pages to make more information available to the audience.

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What is a SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a security certificate that, after installing on a web server, creates a secure connection between the browser.

The URL of the website will change from HTTP to HTTPS. Currently, a security lock on the URL is also a way to show the status of Google's SSL certificate.

The SSL certificate helps websites reduce Web crime counts. These crimes are often due to weaknesses in web browsers.

If the connection between the web browser and the web server is not secured using SSL. A hacker can easily find personal information such as a credit card number, password, etc.

Why is Google's SSL Certificate Important?

  • Build trust and build brand strength
  • Encrypt sensitive information
  • Validation

What is SEO for non-HTTPS sites?

For the owners of sites that have not adapted their site to HTTPS, it's time to do this today.

Google has officially announced that sites that do not use HTTPS and are not encrypted will not be identified in Google's algorithms. So, of course, their ranking will drop. For example, when not using https for the site, it can lead to a decrease in the number of visits, a rate of return, and finally a decrease in the number of clicks per serp and a decrease in site rankings.

Google is not only the largest search directory in the world, it's also the most used among browsers in search engines.

In fact, among Google search engines, according to the statistics, Google Chrome has the largest number of users.

Existing ssl fees and vouchers

Does Google sell ssl certificates? No

The ssl certificates required to convert your site to https can cost about $ 70 a year. The easiest way to buy it is to host your company.

Many hosting companies are abusing this situation, and the bulk of the cost is futile. So be careful.

But there are many hosting companies that offer free ssl certifications.

For example, wp engine gives users free ssl certificates.

Google alerted sites that use http

For many years, Google has been actively seeking ways to encourage site owners to run ssl certificates. ssl allows websites to access via https. If you want to enable https on your site, you can do this through ssl decryption. One of the ranking factors in search engines is the use of the ssl certificate.  

Is your site affected?

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does your site have any text input? This can include contact forms, input panels, search bar, and so on.
  • Does your website use https in the address bar?

If your answer is yes, you should run ssl to prevent a "unsafe" alert in the visitor's menu bar.

You must also enable https on your site to prevent users from accessing the non-encrypted version.

How to get ssl

Often, your website host has options to enable ssl. Many hosts have even one option to get ssl by clicking on it, you can get the free ssl version.

Why does Google force you to have an ssl certificate on your website?

Do not have a ssl certificate? If you do not have this certificate this year, Google will be fine for you this year.

We go to the Internet for everything from buying and selling to studying. With all this, the Internet user is in everyday life, security on the Internet is very important.

Without a doubt, Google cares about users and their experience on the Internet, so Google cares about the security of the Internet.

This means that if your website does not have a ssl certificate, the word "unsecured" in the address bar is displayed.

When should you worry about the ssl certificate?

With the release of Chrome 62, all websites must have a copy of the ssl certificate.

  1. Does your website still use http?
  2. Does your website enter your text contact forms in the form of input panels?

If your answer is yes for both questions, then you need to install the ssl certificate. If you do not install ssl certificate soon, your visitors will feel your site insecure.

by Ali Karen
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