Best Habits To Be Instilled Among Children For Oral Care: Pediatric DentistryBest Habits To Be Instilled Among Children For Oral Care: Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral care is learned is learned in childhood. Adults get into a habit of brushing their teeth at bedtime because it is what they were taught to do when they were kids. The importance of teaching kids how to properly take care of their teeth is absolute. Cavities can develop early in life so you should start cleaning and prevention the earliest possible time.

Sure, it can be tricky to teach children. The trick comes in repeatedly doing something so that it becomes a habit after some time. In no time, they will find themselves doing the task without you having to tell them to do it. In between dentist visits and all throughout their childhood, teach your kids these easy but essential habits that will help keep their teeth healthy until they grow old.

  1. Proper brushing twice daily gives the teeth all the cleaning that it needs. Aside from brushing often, it is also important that they brush enough every time. Experts have determined that brushing for two minutes is enough time to properly clean the mouth. The 2x2 technique is one of the pillars of proper oral care.
  2. When it comes to brushing, you also need to teach your kids the proper method of brushing. Teach them to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle, simultaneously moving the brush in circular strokes on the front and back of the teeth. On the chewing surfaces of the teeth, use side-to-side, sweeping strokes, ensuring that every tooth is adequately brushed.
  3. The tongue needs to be brushed because it gets bacteria build-up just like the teeth. After brushing the teeth, have your child brush the tongue from front to back and then side to side. Although it has no risk for cavities, tongue bacteria can lead to the development of bad breath and a host of other oral health concerns.
  4. Regular flossing is a regular activity that should be done for good dental hygiene. Simple brushing is not enough to remove all the bacteria and particles, especially in the areas between the teeth. Many adults today emit flossing from their daily oral care routines, so make sure to instill its importance to your child as early as you can.

When installing oral hygiene habits, strive to make it a part of their daily activities. Doing it the same time every day will reinforce the behavior so people are more likely to do the activity daily. Set a time for your child to clean their mouth, like brushing when they wake up in the morning and brushing before sleeping at night. 

by James Franklin
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