An Overview Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations At Your Workplace!An Overview Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations At Your Workplace!

Electric vehicles can be powered by renewable energy, and could reduce emissions in the transport sector to help Australia meet its emission reduction goals at a lower cost. Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and these electric vehicles require a charging station by which your business can make a huge transformation.

The usage of electric vehicles not only reduces the dependency on fossil fuels but also reduces their contribution to global warming. Thus, installing an electric vehicle charging station at your workplace is really good for the future. Here are some excellent factors to know about Commercial EV Charging stations at your workplace!

Tips for Installing EV Charging Stations at Your Workplace!

Initially, determine the interest level of your employees, that is, a survey should be conducted among your employees to analyse the demand for EV charging station at your workplace.

Ask your employees whether they have an Electric Vehicle and where they are charging it, or else whether they are planning to own an EV. Depending on their level of interest, you need to plan for Commercial EV charging stations!

The estimations should include the expected number of employee vehicles which will be added over the next two to five years. Also, the initial installation of Commercial EV charging station must include the basic infrastructure for future charge station installations. During the initial installation, you should consider fixing extra circuits and added electrical supplies to reduce the overall costs.

While planning to install a charging station at your workplace, you need to be familiar with certain factors like the power rating, type of connector and cabling requirements. The installation cost depends on the power requirements, placement concerns, and the type of equipment.

What are the Advantages of Investing in Commercial EV Charging Stations?

Investing in electric vehicle charging stations benefit companies and their employees by reducing gas emissions and by attracting EV-driving customers. Also, Installing a Commercial EV charging station is more affordable!

With the rapid advancement in technology, Commercial EV charger stations are more accessible to even smaller businesses. Just by installing an electric vehicle charging station, you could attract new customers!

Electric vehicles offer numerous health benefits to the public by minimising air and noise pollution. Air pollution brings numerous health consequences to the people. One of the best things about Electric Vehicles is that they don’t release harmful emissions. This makes public charging points a great choice to improve the quality of air. By installing commercial EV charger at your workplace, you are moving towards a technology which will make this planet a safer place to live!
by Sam Korkees
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The author is an expert blogger and Australia's #1 Supplier and Installer of Commercial EV charging stations, home EV charging, Apartment EV, DC fast charging and charging cables from all global brands. Visit for details.
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