Learn IPhone Troubleshooting To Fix Problem Learn IPhone Troubleshooting To Fix Problem

Steps for apple iphone problem troubleshooting for hang freeze video streaming lcd battery and water damage issue.

              To learn iPhone troubleshooting is very important. As it is not possible that all the time when there is problem with iPhone you visit service center. Because it is not feasible and it is costly also. When you give iPhone iPad for any service it cost at least 50 dollar. Here I provide you steps to fix iPhone problem by yourself. It provide detail guide about apple device software problem troubleshooting as well as hardware problem troubleshooting.

Initially I will give you simple step to troubleshoot iPhone problem like iPhone freeze, non responsive and hang occasionally.

Step 1) restart iPhone and then soft reset iPhone.

Press and hold power button which is normally right side. Then press and hold volume button, you will see slide to power off. Power off apple device and restart it.

If still iPhone is not responding or freeze then press and quickly release volume up button then same process with volume down button and finally press and hold power button. When you see apple logo on screen, release power button. This will soft reset iPhone and troubleshoot many common problem like iphone hang, video not steam smoothly, apps closed automatically.

Step 2) Factory reset iPhone

Start iPhone – go to setting – general – reset – here you will see following option

1) Reset all setting - this will reset all setting to default.

2) Erase all content and setting – this will remove data from iPhone and also reset all setting. This will make your iPhone like you have new purchased.

3) reset network setting - this is useful when you are facing problem while connecting Wi-Fi or internet. This can troubleshoot iPhone network related problem.

If above steps would not solve your problem then step 3) restore iPhone or reinstall ios operating system.

IPhone does not boot fully, not able to take you to screen or stuck at logo screen. Then reinstall ios operating system or restore iPhone. You can do this by two ways.

1) Connect iPhone to computer. Open iTunes –click on device menu –then click on iPhone. Now click on summary box on left side. Here you can see two options update and restore iPhone. If you restore iPhone. It will delete all data content from iPhone including photos, video movies, contact numbers. It is better to transfer iphone data apps video to computer before restoring.

2) Second way is press and hold power and volume button now you see apple logo. Keep holding button you will see recovery mode option and image will be iTunes with usb connector on your iPhone screen. And within iTunes you will see dialog box that iPhone found in recovery mode require to restore or update. Update option will update ios to latest version without deleting any data from iPhone. In update option you don’t need to transfer iPhone data to other place. Restore iphone will solve many software related problem.

IPhone troubleshooting for display lcd screen

Sometime iPhone display lost brightness or looks very dark or screen scramble frequently.  Follow simple step for iPhone lcd troubleshooting. First disassemble iPhone from back side. Remove back cover then battery. Just above battery slot there is one slot having clamp with two to three screw. Remove those screws. Now you will see lcd screen ribbon connector cable. Remove cable and clean connector and fix cable firmly. Also solder display connector point. This can troubleshoot iPhone screen problem like continuous moving lining, dark spot on screen and scrambled display.

IPhone battery problem troubleshooting.

Go to iPhone X setting- battery and battery heath data. It show battery health in two form which help to troubleshoot iPhone battery.

1) Maximum capacity- it show percentage of battery cell working. 100% means battery is fully working condition. When percentage is below 80 then you start thinking of battery replacement.

2) Peak performance capability – below 80 percentage battery is not able to give peak performance and degraded. Last year apple has offered big discount for battery replacement for iPhone.

IPhone troubleshooting for water damage

        Major iPhone problem arise is water damage can void warranty. Therefore you will charge high amount for repair. By chance you drop iPhone in water bucket or spill coffee on iPhone. It is called water damage iPhone. First step is turn off iPhone using power button and best is to remove battery from iPhone. This will reduce damage to iPhone. If power supply by battery is on then due to water it short circuit many part of logic board. Also it can damage capacitor sensor with water. 

          After removing iPhone battery. Now disassemble iPhone entirely and shake iPhone with your hand for few times. So it will remove excess water from iPhone. Now keep iPhone for 2 to 3 days. This will dry iPhone entirely.  Use cleaner to remove water traces. Now start iPhone if it does not turn on than there will be major hardware damage on circuit board. Or sometime you need to replace logic board.

by Resan Karlat
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My iPhone site provides info about iPhone troubleshooting, how to methods for apple device restore, data transfer many more.
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