What Is The Latest In Cosmetic Dentistry To Improve SmileWhat Is The Latest In Cosmetic Dentistry To Improve Smile

Do you want to improve your smile? You just might get what you are looking for with cosmetic dentistry. It is undeniable that this area of dentistry has gained popularity in the last few years. We are even seeing television shows that feature transformations of people’s teeth because of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Your dentist can help you determine the best treatment or procedure that will give you the best results. Check out some of the latest and most popular ones below.

  1. Teeth whitening – Otherwise known as teeth bleaching, this cosmetic treatment whitens and brightens teeth affected by staining or discoloration. It can be done in the dentist office or with a kit at home. Take note, though, that not everyone’s teeth is a good candidate for bleaching, so you should check with your dentist first if you are interested.
  2. Dental veneers – Veneers is a thin shell-like material made of composite material or porcelain. They are custom made and attached to the front part of the teeth to treat various dental problems like chips, discolorations, gaps and crowding.
  3. Dental implants – A dental implant is a device made of metal that is made to replace missing teeth. Mostly made of titanium, it is surgically placed in the jawbone in the place of the missing tooth. Implants are permanent, and is designed to act like the tooth root. It anchors an artificial tooth like a denture, bridge or crown.
  4. Dental crown – Also known as caps, crowns are custom-made to fit over the whole tooth after it is prepared by the dentist. It is mostly made with porcelain or acrylic and is fused with metal to withstand the pressure of a bite. Crowns can be a solution to decayed, broken and chipped teeth, as well as badly-shaped teeth and those with big gaps.
  5. Teeth shaping – This is also called enamel shaping, and involves the dentist changing the shape of the teeth by removing some of the enamel or filling it. This process is mostly painless and gives immediate effects.
  6. Tooth bonding – Bonding is the process where a tooth-colored material is bonded or adhered to the tooth. This is a dental technique that is usually used to improve or repair teeth that has been badly chipped, broken or stained.
  7. Orthodontic treatment – Contrary to what most people think, orthodontics are not just for children. Today, we are seeing a growing number of adults getting treatment from orthodontists for cosmetic purposes. Orthodontic treatment can help patients looking to improve the appearance of their smile as well as their bite, particularly those with crooked and buck teeth.

If you want to have that highly coveted Hollywood smile, talk with a reputable cosmetic dentist in your area to discuss what you want to achieve with your new smile and which cosmetic procedures are best suited to your needs. Take note that cosmetic dentistry procedures might not be covered by your insurance, so you will have to factor this in with your out of the pocket expenses.

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