Top 10 Tips For Successful Cake DeliveriesTop 10 Tips For Successful Cake Deliveries

Sometimes, delivering cakes may be stressful. You need to work for designing, planning baking and decorating. All this difficult work now comes all the way down to the final delivery, which may be the make or break situation.

1. Charge for delivery
If you’re anything like me, you hate asking individuals for money. you may additionally offer to cake delivery for free of charge.  You need to stop doing these things to build a strong business.

Make sure you mostly charge for delivery. Deliveries cost you money: They cost in gas, time and wear and tear on your vehicle. It additionally takes time to plan, prepare, pack, organize what you need to take, drive the cake to its destination, set up the cake and take photos. your time is worth money. Charge for delivery!

2. Structure your cake properly
Most delivery issues are often diminished if you know your cake is firmly structured. to learn more regarding how to structure your cakes, I recommend checking out Richard Ruskell’s Craftsy class Topsy-Turvy Cake Construction.

3. Plan ahead
Deliveries take time and planning. As you'll see here, take the time to set up for the delivery while planning and sketching the cake, long before baking it.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself while planning the delivery:

Have I been to this location before?
How long can it take me to reach there?
Will I be delivering during rush hour?
Are there alternate routes to take just in case of an accident or delay?
Do I have other deliveries that day? Do they coordinate?

4. Set up an emergency contact person
Before taking the order, ask for an emergency contact person for the day of the event.
If your client incorporates a party organizer or wedding planner, they’re the best contact person. For additional DIY events, ask for a name and phone number for somebody that’s helping with the event — but not the guest of honour, their parents or close friends. You would like to have somebody who will take care of the situation without stressing out the bride, groom or their close family.

Call your emergency contact person at the same time you call the other vendors, introduce yourself and provide them the details regarding your delivery. Then you’ll be prepared if any problem arises.

5. Deliver early
Try to deliver the cake 2-3 hours before the event. With all of the issues that might arise while delivering the cake, it’s best to be on the safer side. you should give yourself plenty of time to deliver and set up the cake.

You also need to make sure you're finished long before guests arrive. If you’re setting up the cake outside, ensure your cake can last for this amount of time. Discuss these problems at the consultation, not while setting up the cake the day of the event.

6. Bring an emergency cake supply kit
Bring necessary tools you could need to repair your cake. If you’re unsure what to bring, start with this essential cake delivery kit to learn what bring with you on a delivery. Most cake decorators can tell you that if you bring it, you won’t need it, however, if you forget it, you’ll be sorry.

7. Bring business cards
Just a few. Bring business cards to introduce yourself to other vendors or to present to the front table once you arrive so they know you’re with a business.

Do not leave business cards on the table by the cake unless your client requested them. However, you'll be able to ask the party planner or organizer to hold onto a few to hand out to guests who ask for them. you want to have them available, however your customer’s event isn't the place to advertise. Be courteous and professional and let your cake represent itself.

8. Get insurance
Depending on where you’ll be delivering, business insurance might be necessary. Some venues and corporations need proof of insurance in order to deliver to their business.

Insurance is additionally a protection for you, for your business, equipment, materials and just in case of law suits because of contaminated food or different health problems.

9. Maintain your car
A clean, well-maintained car is a necessity. You don’t need to be stuck on the side of the road with an overheated car and a marriage cake in the back.

Some states need your car to be inspected by a food inspector in order to transport cakes. Check your local food laws to make sure you're compliant.

10. Be careful with client pick-ups
Some customers might want to select up their cakes at your shop. If you’re comfortable with this, teach your customers how to transport their cake, how to prepare their car and the importance of being cautious while driving.

Cover your bases by having them sign a client pick up form that states that you simply aren't responsible for the cake once it's left the shop and that you will not come back to fix the cake if it’s damaged during transportation. These things should be discussed before taking the order.


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