Increase Your Business Visibility On Google MapsIncrease Your Business Visibility On Google Maps

“Ranking” refers to how high your business appears in the list of search results when someone makes a search using Google Maps. Google is now including some additional lead conversion strategies into its calculation of rankings. Thankfully, it is good news for small and medium-sized businesses whose listings are overshadowed by large corporations and chain companies. To experience the complete benefits of Google Maps, it is essential to get it rank higher on Google My Business and Google Maps. Here, we have listed a few tips to get your business ranking higher in Google Maps.

1. Add Some Clear Photos to the Google My Business Listing

Another way to rank higher on Google Maps is to add some photos your Google My Business listing, which is closely connected to your business. So, choose the best photos of your business, which highlights your business or on your website. Also, it is recommendable to list more than 2 photos, so that your customers come to know about your business or services.

2. List Your Local Telephone Of Business To Your Google listing

Local telephone numbers show that your business is a brick and mortar location in the area. If you want to have a higher Google Maps ranking, use a local number on your website with an area code, which matches your location for your Google listing. In addition, avoid using toll free (800 and 877) number. The reason behind this is that these types of numbers are frequently used for spam.

3. Optimize Your Listing Description With Proper Character Limit

Usually, the Google Maps listing has a required character limit. If you exceed its limit by putting a superfluous description, it will drop your ranking. But, if you include local SEO keywords that describe your business instead of using superfluous description with proper character limits, you can boost your ranking about 50%.

For example, instead of “great florist offering quick flower delivery and excellent customer service” write “California florist with Quality Services” or something similar.

4. Embed a Google Map on Contact Page of Your Website

Embedding a Google Map is just another way to telling Google that your business is located where your listings says it is. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to stand out on Google Maps on your official business website. This is the reason, why in most businesses website a map is embedded on the contact page. Also, use the same address that you have on your Google My Business listing.  

So, How To Embed The Google Map On Your Website?

To embed a Google Map on your website, search for your business name in Google Maps. After that, press on the three lines next to your business name and click “Share or Embed Map”. Copy and paste the link on your business’s contact page.  But, to rank your site, it is recommended to contact the SEO expert for the professional process.

5. Categorize Your Business Properly

When you first create a Google Maps listing you need to consider certain things. Among that adding a primary industry category or keyword is important one. Yes, to describe your business you have the option of adding the primary industry category, or keywords.

Did you know, you (business owners) can add up to five additional categories? Yes, you can make use of all five of these. Your primary category should be the main classification for your business (example: Florist, Flower shop), while the remaining five categories should incorporate local SEO keywords that act as additional descriptors (example: California florist, The Best Flower Shop in California).

6. Well-equipped Google Reviews

Did you know Google has recognized that fact by ranking businesses with a high volume of good reviews higher on Google Maps? Google reviews and rating is the another big domain that boost the arrival of customers. In fact, adding reviews and rating to your website is the trustworthiness to a business.

Just a few positive reviews will be enough to instantly rev up your rankings. To give yourself a boost, ask a handful of trusted, loyal and happy customers to write an online review and give rating for your service.

Remember one thing, once you open up your business for reviews, there should not be no turning back. In certain Site like Yelp, you will not have control over what people say, so your reviews may be both good and bad. Check out this post on how to respond to reviews for some guidance. So, it’s somewhat complex to access it. This is why you need to help of SEO expert. You can also create a landing page on your website that leads directly to your Google Maps listing review form.

7. Verify your Google My Business Information And Update It If Necessary

The more Google knows about your business, the better it will be able to correctly display your business listing online. So, make sure that your listing is complete with accurate details.

This includes,

Original Details without Duplicate Content: Weed out the superfluous and duplicate information. The reason behind this is, Google will discredit businesses with multiple phone numbers or locations listed for one actual business. So, make sure all written information is accurate.

Accurate Business Hours:  Add your business hours to your Google my business listing to give your potential customers the impetus to use your business. If anyone search your business for any service, Google Maps will tells the users if a business is open or closed now and when it is opening or closing soon.

Contact Information and Website: Include all possible contact details close related to your business should be listed there. This includes your Business name, telephone number, address, and name. By listing these details, Google can provide as much information as possible.

Final Recap

Are you looking to increase your business visibility on Google maps? Contact the right SEO expert and select your package with the best digital marketing ideas.
by Auggie Diaz
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The author of this article is the SEO expert who helps your business to rank with digital marketing ideas. In this article, he discusses a few tips to increase your business visibility on Google maps. To learn more, visit
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